10 Most Expensive Men's Suits In The World (2023)

Many believe that the image of a man in a fine-tailored suit is to the female of the species what the image of a woman in lingerie is to a man: Oozing sexiness. It’s true, fine suits and tuxedos have almost always been the height of male fashion, lending wearer status and attendant charisma, machismo, and utter confidence. On the other hand, the suit has lately been largely shunned by the high-flying, uber class of CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page, with Silicone Valley bigwigs favouring jeans and scrappy tees as the suit becomes increasingly associated with the stuffy, high-powered finance magnate. It’s really all about how you wear it.

Although luxury fashion and beauty is normally associated with women, in the world of luxury fabrics and tailoring some of the most expensive men’s suits are still ludicrously extravagant in terms of pricing and quality. Most of us might blanch at the necessity of paying $1,000 for a nice suit. That’s just pennies, of course, when we consider the cost of some of the world's finest hand-made, hand-tailored and stitched luxury suits made with some of the rarest fabrics and by the most renowned designers in the world.

Most of these suits are necessarily reserved for the superclass: The world's leading businessmen, celebrities, and world leaders who can afford to spend more money on a single suit than you can afford to spend on your car (or even your house). Such is the nature and allure of the exclusivity inherent in these, the 10 most expensive men’s suits in the world.


10 Ermenegildo Zegna Bespoke - $22,000

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Italian designers and fashion houses have been producing some of the most coveted apparel in men’s fashion for eons. Italians are known for their precision tailoring and for using the best fabric in the world. Ermenegildo Zegna is one of the top-tier Italian fashion houses. They started over 100 years ago in Trivero, Italy, in 1910.

Zegna manufactures suits for labels such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, and Tom Ford, and they are one of the biggest global producers of fine fabrics in the world (2.3 million meters per year). This $22,000 light, luxurious and refined bespoke was created by the fourth generation of the Zegna family. It is individually fitted and reportedly made up of over 700 fabrics.

9 World Wood Record Challenge Cup Suits - $28,000

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You might be wondering what the World Wood Record Challenge is? It’s a competition sponsored and hosted by the cashmere manufacturers Loro Piana, currently owned by the brothers Luigi and Sergio Loro Piana. Each year they call for aspiring designers to create and tailor their best suits for men. Through a voting selection, the best designer is chosen, and their design is precisely cut into 50 suits to be sold under the Loro Piana brand.

In 2012, the winner was a woman named Susanna Triplett from New South Wales, Australia. She produced wool that was just 11.1 microns in diameter (the thinner the wool, the finer the fabric and drape is), and the suits they made from her design ran at $28,000 a piece.

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8 Brioni Vanquish II - $43,000

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When the economy went down the tubes in 2008, Italian luxury clothier Brioni decided to practice some reverse psychology on their customers by introducing their most expensive line of suits ever. These suits are made from the super-luxurious Vanquish II fabric, a cloth produced by UK-based Dormeuil. Vanquish II uses blends of some of the rarest fibers in the world, including qiviuk, pashmina, and vicuna. They make just 100 of these handmade suits a year and the suit’s stitching is made of white gold.

Nazareno Fonticoli and Gaetano Savini established Brioni in 1945, right after World War II. Brioni suits are a favorite of mogul Donald Trump, but nowadays they are best known for dressing James Bond since 1995.

7 Desmond Merrion Supreme Bespoke - $47,500

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Desmond Merrion is one of the most renowned tailors on London’s legendary Savile Row. These fine, hand-tailored suits come in at nearly $50,000. As Merrion put it himself: “I will personally place every single stitch in your suit by hand; a machine will never touch the garment at any stage. This hand making is the absolute pinnacle in tailoring. Your suit will take me so long to make, it cannot be measured in man hours. It will take MONTHS of my time to make the perfectly crafted suit. The finished suit will appear as if it has not been hand crafted, but sculpted around your torso.” With those kind of guarantees, and that much time and energy spent on the creation and design, it’s no wonder that the Supreme Bespoke is so damn expensive.

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6 Kiton K-50 - $60,000

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Kiton has been in business since 1968, and today they are Italy’s top designer brand for men’s suits. They have 330 tailors employed who take in around 22,000 suit orders per year. Each suit takes up to 25 hours to stitch, with 45 tailors working on each individual piece. The K-50 suit was designed by world famous tailor Enzo D'Orsi of Savile Row fame. The suit is made from merino sheep wool. The K-50 name has a double meaning: It takes Enzo 50 hours to complete each suit, and he only makes 50 per year.

5 William Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke - $75,000

William Westmancott is the Savile Row neighbor of Desmond Merrion. But what makes his “Ultimate Bespoke” $28,500 more expensive than Merrion’s “Supreme Bespoke?” Well, this Westmancott suit is a 3- or 4- piece suit instead of a 2-piece. It takes 200 hours for experts at Westmancott to tailor and design this ultra-light, expensive suit.

This suit was originally designed to target high-profile Middle Eastern and Russian moguls. Westmancott will also throw in five bespoke shirts for free for any buyers, which has been a successful marketing ploy. It's worth mentioning, too,that Westmancott is only 28 years old...

4 Zoot Suit - $78,000

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This off-putting, World War II era striped zoot suit was sold in 2011 at New York City’s Augusta Auctions for $78,000. Augusta Auctions is a vintage clothing company owned by Karen Augusta, and she originally priced the suit to sell at $600-$900.

When she began to receive calls from museums around the country, she admitted she thought she could sell the suit for “as much as $5,000, maybe more,” but never imagined that such a high price would be reached from eager bidders. It’s the only suit of its kind to be auctioned in the US, which gives it high demand. It was discovered at an estate sale in New Jersey.

3 Dormeuil Vanquish II - $95,319

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The Dormeuil family business was established over 170 years ago, in 1842. The Vanquish II fabric is the brainchild of the patriarch, Jules Dormeuil, mixing the best British and French cloth to design the ultimate luxury tailored suits. It has been claimed that they've offered their services to kings, presidents, and celebrities for years. This particularly expensive suit consists of six of the world’s rarest fabrics: royal Qivuik, Ambassador, Dorsilk, Kirgzy White, and Fifteen Point Eight - clearly, the price-tag reflects that.

2 Alexander Amosu Vanquish II Bespoke - $101,860

Alexander Amosu is a luxury goods entrepreneur, not just a men’s clothing specialist. He did, however, roll out this exquisite suit at over $100,000. He made his fortune creating hip-hop ringtones, then made gold- and diamond-encrusted mobile phones. In 2009 he launched his own clothing company.

It’s made from two of the most expensive wools in the world: rare vicuna and qivuik, and was custom-made for an anonymous buyer. It was reported that it was also delivered in an armored van. Each suit has 9 buttons of 18 carat gold and diamonds.

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1 Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition - $892,500

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The most expensive suit in the world is ridiculously priced at almost a million dollars. When you see what the suit includes, however, the price is understandable. Famed luxury goods designer Stuart Hughes teamed up with world-renowned tailor Richard Jewels to create this extravagant piece of art of which there are only three in the world.

These suits took more than 800 hours to design and stitch, and they are made of wool, cashmere, silk. What skyrockets the price of this bedazzled trouser and jacket combo? Diamonds. Over 480 half-carat diamonds are etched onto the exterior lining of these jackets, creating the most outlandishly expensive (if not outlandish looking) suit in the world.


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What are the most expensive suits made out of? ›

Made from Merino sheep wool, the Kiton K50 suit's price is around the $50,000-60,000 mark. Only 5 tailors in the company are able to make this particular type of suit within 50 hours. The suit was originally designed by Saville Row's Enzo D'Orsi.

How much is a expensive suit? ›

The Expensive Suit ranges from $1,000 and up and will typically be either custom-made with the best fabrics or designed by one of the best designers.

Why are Zegna suits expensive? ›

Premium quality fabrics. Ermenegildo Zegna prides itself on using only the finest fabrics for its suits–from cashmere wool to vicuna wool to linen. In 2014, the brand acquired ACHILLFARM, in New South Wales, Australia, a farm with six generations worth of expertise in producing the best Merino wool.

What suit does James Bond wear? ›

James Bond's suits are usually solid colours - plain blacks (especially for his tuxedos), greys and midnight blues. There were also some plaids (otherwise known as Prince of Wales or Glen Checks) worn by Sean Connery. However Connery's Bond famously wore the Grey suit often and in different variations and shades.

Which country is known for suits? ›

Italy. The world of Italian tailoring presents a broad spectrum of styles, just as that wonderful country encompasses a wide range of cuisines.

What is the finest fabric in the world? ›

Vicuna fibres makes for the finest fabric with unequalled softness and beauty. Once, it was only Incan royalty who had the privilege of wearing such finery.

How much is a Brioni suit? ›

In general, you're looking at paying a minimum of about $6,000 for a custom Brioni suit. If you want materials that are unique or incredibly expensive, custom pockets or other out-of-the-ordinary features, you really could spend about as much as you want.

How long does a suit last? ›

The average lifespan of a good bespoke suit should last for 5 – 10 years. This also depends on the frequency of wear. The number above is based on a weekly wear. We also recommend that you should wear a specific Suit once a week and have a rotation of 5 Suits within that week.

How many suits should a man own? ›

Every man should have at least three good suits in his closet, although frequent suit wearers may want more. Knowing how many suits you need and planning ahead by purchasing a handful of well-fitting suits will go a long way.

How much is an Ermenegildo Zegna suit? ›

Ermenegildo Zegna suits cost between $2500 and $22,000. Whether Ready-to Wear or Bespoke, an Ermenegildo Zegna suit is certainly made with the finest fabrics made from the finest wool.

Is Zegna high end? ›

Established as a fabric maker, Zegna is internationally recognized as a leading global luxury menswear brand and part of the Ermenegildo Zegna Group.

Are Zegna suits made in Italy? ›

Ermenegildo Zegna is an Italian luxury house, founded in 1910 in Trivero, and specialized in men's clothing.

Who is the best tailor in the world? ›

The Best Bespoke Tailors Worldwide
  • Antonio Liverano. Established by Luigi and Antonio Liverano in the 1960s in Florence, this Italian tailor is still going strong today. ...
  • Gieves & Hawkes. ...
  • Dormeuil. ...
  • Sartoria Raffaniello. ...
  • Alfred Dunhill. ...
  • Oxxford Clothes. ...
  • Huntsman & Sons. ...
  • Michael Andrews Bespoke.

How much do Brioni suits cost? ›

In general, you're looking at paying a minimum of about $6,000 for a custom Brioni suit. If you want materials that are unique or incredibly expensive, custom pockets or other out-of-the-ordinary features, you really could spend about as much as you want.

What kind of suit does John Wick wear? ›

His go-to choice? A tailored, three-piece dark suit. His go-to features are body-armor liners, two-button fronts, and tapered trousers. Wick keeps his suits simple but he always appears bold and ready-for-action and he looked especially dangerous in Rome – where he wore an all-black suit with red cufflinks.

Who is the famous suit designer? ›

1. Coco Chanel. Famous for timeless designs, trademark suits and little black dresses, the famous fashion designer, Coco Chanel is a true epitome of creativity.


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