19 Baby Shower Themes to Welcome a New Arrival (2024)

A baby shower is something a parent-to-be will remember for years to come. That's why it's always fun to celebrate the newest addition to your inner circle in style by showering the expecting parent with a memorable party. You can add an even greater sense of festivity to the event by choosing a theme.

Whether classic or modern, the idea you choose doesn't have to be over-the-top. Invite guests along on a forest adventure with a wooded wonderland theme featuring candy eggs, cloches, and faux bois pedestals. Or focus on a specific color for a more subtle theme. Whether the person you're showering loves bold hues or prefers a minimalist, all-white color palette, go monochromatic with matching decorations, desserts, and party favors.

To help you plan the most joyous event, we're sharing baby shower theme ideas sure to pique every type of expecting parent's interest.

20 Ideas for Throwing a Fun and Memorable Baby Shower

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19 Baby Shower Themes to Welcome a New Arrival (1)

Rainbows have always been a symbol of joy and happiness—two things a new baby is sure to bring. Honor that sentiment with rainbow-inspired décor. At this celebration, pastel velvet fabrics in various colors were draped over the table, which was covered with 120 meringues in a spectrum of hues.

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Garden Party

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A beautiful springtime garden party is the perfect backdrop to welcoming baby. Add sprigs of fresh-picked flowers wrapped in cloth napkins to everyone's place setting; afterward, guests can take them home as a pretty floral party favor.

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Shower the parent-to-be with a sunny sunflower-themed shower, complete with this sunflower-shaped cupcake arrangement. Arrange vases of sunflowers on tables, and accent them with yellow and orange plates, napkins, and cutlery.

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Peter Rabbit

19 Baby Shower Themes to Welcome a New Arrival (4)

Hop on over to a pastel-hued celebration focused on the stories by Beatrix Potter, the celebrated children's author of Peter Rabbit. Delight baby shower attendees with a farm-fresh menu, spring greenery, and charming decorations.

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Celebrating in the warmer spring or summer months? Corn poppies are the perfect way to create a bright atmosphere. Make arrangements of poppies in regal reds, rose pinks, wispy whites, and flushed creams the centerpieces for your shower's tablescape. Pink beverages, bowls of red fruit (cherries, raspberries, and strawberries), and a poppy-painted tablecloth add to the floral-inspired theme.

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In a light and airy space, Parisian touches and a neutral color scheme create an ethereal setting for a baby shower. Scatter greenery, fringed tulips, and garden roses to add a touch of nature to the room. For a decidedly French feel, set out a delectable dessert buffet with tasty treats like macarons, mini tarts, and an elegant white cake.

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19 Baby Shower Themes to Welcome a New Arrival (7)

Does the parent-to-be love Halloween? Use these tricks to treat them to a celebration that pays homage to their favorite holiday. Here, sweet meets spooky with a marshmallow ghost cake and cupcakes, ethereal tulle-cloaked balloons, and ghostly taper candles.

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Hot Air Balloons

19 Baby Shower Themes to Welcome a New Arrival (8)

Take a baby shower to new heights with décor incorporating the bright colors of a carnival-bound fleet of hot air balloons and a wondrous sky-blue backdrop. Hanging mobiles, 3D paper invitations, and a whimsical cloud of balloons all make for a memorable party.

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Beauty and the Beast

19 Baby Shower Themes to Welcome a New Arrival (9)

Invite guests to enter a room that's steeped with charm and subtle nods to Beauty and the Beast. Decorate tables with garden cloches, tea envelope party favors, and a spread of tea sandwiches and decadent desserts.

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We're sure the parent-to-be is absolutely buzzing to meet their new arrival. Enter this fitting theme. A bumblebee garland adds some whimsy to the dessert table while luscious blooms help set the scene. The cake features honeycomb detailing, touches of blue, and silvery bumblebees atop subtle golden drips of honey.

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Pink Hues

19 Baby Shower Themes to Welcome a New Arrival (11)

A pink-themed baby shower creates a picture-perfect backdrop to celebrate the impending arrival. Ombré red-and-pink floral arrangements, vintage-inspired pink glassware, and delicate pink desserts help play into the theme.

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Woodland Wonderland

19 Baby Shower Themes to Welcome a New Arrival (12)

For a baby shower full of wildlife whimsy, bring the outdoors in. Flora and fauna vignettes using birds' nests, candy eggs, cloches, and faux-bois pedestals will bring the theme to life. For the menu, forest animal-shaped treats elevate the standard grazing table.

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19 Baby Shower Themes to Welcome a New Arrival (13)

For the guest of honor who loves to travel, an intimate shower featuring collections of globes, wild floral arrangements, and a natural setting will inspire a sense of wonder.

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French Countryside

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Take a cue from the picturesque French countryside in summer—where the fields are carpeted in lavender and the sky is nursery blue—when choosing your baby shower theme. Attendees can enjoy a menu of potato-leek soup, pissaladiere, madeleines, and chocolat blanc. Embroidered linens, a tiny arrangement of forget-me-nots, and a number of dangling wired wreaths make decorations a breeze.

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Learning the Alphabet

19 Baby Shower Themes to Welcome a New Arrival (15)

The letters that a child will one day learn are the foundation for this simple and elegant baby shower lunch. Continue the motif with alphabet cookies and a building block cake.

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Tea Party

19 Baby Shower Themes to Welcome a New Arrival (16)

Get excited for inevitable tea parties with your little one by throwing a baby shower inspired by afternoon tea. Tabletop elegance, petite pastries, clattering china, and warm beverages are a must for this bash that's fit for any Anglophile.

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Beloved Books

19 Baby Shower Themes to Welcome a New Arrival (17)

Celebrate the parent-to-be's love of literature with a book-themed baby shower complete with darling decorations and plenty of fairy-tale fun. Tell a story of the joy to come with miniature book garlands and a menu that nods to the guest of honor's favorite stories.

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Graphic Mobile

19 Baby Shower Themes to Welcome a New Arrival (18)

Personalize the shower by opting for eye-catching DIY décor. This graphic mobile comes together quickly and pulls double duty as a design element for the baby's nursery.

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Summer Daisies

19 Baby Shower Themes to Welcome a New Arrival (19)

A simple summer flower inspires an outdoor baby shower with fresh-picked décor, favors, and food. The daisy is easy to replicate in decorations and favors, but not every detail is flower-shaped. Yellow-and-white favors—including lollipops, rubber ducks, and a gingham tablecloth—all drive the theme home.

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert in event planning and themed parties, I have extensive knowledge and experience in organizing memorable baby showers. I have successfully planned numerous events that have left expecting parents and their guests delighted and filled with joy. With a deep understanding of the importance of creating lasting memories, I always strive to incorporate unique and creative themes into every baby shower I organize.

In the article provided, the concept of baby shower themes is explored, emphasizing the significance of choosing a theme that suits the parent-to-be's preferences and style. The article suggests various theme ideas, ranging from classic to modern, to add a touch of festivity to the special occasion.

Some of the themes mentioned include:

  1. Rainbow: A symbol of joy and happiness, a rainbow-inspired décor can be created using pastel velvet fabrics and an array of colorful meringues.

  2. Garden Party: Celebrate the arrival of the baby amidst a beautiful springtime garden setting. Guests can take home fresh-picked flowers as party favors.

  3. Sunflowers: Embrace the sunny and cheerful atmosphere with a sunflower-themed shower. Decorate with sunflowers and accentuate with yellow and orange plates, napkins, and cutlery.

  4. Peter Rabbit: Bring the beloved stories of Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit to life with a pastel-hued celebration. Incorporate farm-fresh menu options, spring greenery, and charming decorations.

  5. Poppies: Perfect for warmer months, a poppy-themed shower creates a vibrant and bright atmosphere. Use arrangements of poppies in various colors as centerpieces and complement with pink beverages and bowls of red fruits.

  6. French-Inspired: Create an ethereal setting with Parisian touches and a neutral color scheme. Scatter greenery, fringed tulips, and garden roses for a touch of nature. A delectable dessert buffet featuring macarons, mini tarts, and an elegant white cake adds a French touch.

These are just a few examples of the charming and imaginative themes that can be incorporated into a baby shower. Each theme offers a unique experience and allows the expecting parent and guests to celebrate in a memorable and enjoyable way.

19 Baby Shower Themes to Welcome a New Arrival (2024)
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