Chanel Shoe Size Chart (+ How Slingbacks, Sandals, Ballerinas ... fit) (2023)

Chanel Shoe Size Chart (+ How Slingbacks, Sandals, Ballerinas ... fit) (1)

In today’s article, we have the Chanel shoe size chart for women and men.

If you don’t know that already, Chanel shoe sizing is all over the place depending on the collection and depending on the style.

So I would not recommend buying a pair of Chanel shoes online unless you try them on in-store because you have no idea what size you’re going to be.

We went the extra mile for you and we actually gave the floor to three beautiful ladies to share their experience with Chanel shoe sizing.

These are the shoes they’re going to talk about:

  • Chanel Espadrilles
  • Chanel Grosgrain Espadrilles
  • Chanel Slingbacks
  • Chanel Boots
  • Chanel Platform Sandals
  • Chanel All White Sneakers
  • Chanel Grand-Dad Sandals
  • Chanel Slides Mules
  • Chanel High Top Sneakers
  • Chanel Trainers
  • Chanel Pearl Sandals
  • Chanel Ballerina Flats
  • Chanel Mermaid Pearl Sandals

Then, don’t miss what Amy discovered about Chanel sizing that completely changed how she orders her shoes now.

Excited enough?

Let’s dive right into it…


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Chanel Shoe Size Chart

Chanel Women’s Shoe Size Chart (Inch & CM)


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Chanel Men’s Shoe Size Chart


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How Do Chanel Shoes Fit?

Chanel Espadrilles

Chanel Shoe Size Chart (+ How Slingbacks, Sandals, Ballerinas ... fit) (2)

Do Chanel Espadrilles run small?


Before we begin, I am normally a US size 8.5/9.

I think the Chanel Espadrilles run true to size in my size 40. I did try on a size down, but it was more comfortable in the 40 because I did want to wear a no-show sock with them.

If you are looking to invest in some Espadrilles, I think it’s definitely worth waiting for a color combo that you really love because they do bring these back pretty often and I feel like they’re a lot easier to find now than when they first came out.

I think this is a Chanel staple. They were great but not the most comfortable if you’re walking around all the time.

They are really cute and comfortable but just not recommended as a walking shoe if you’re going out and about all day long.

The Espadrilles do need a bit of a break-in period to get the material a little stretched out. Usually, after not wearing it for a while, it tightens back up a little bit.


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I typically wear a size 9.5 US. Normally, if I buy designer shoes, I’ll go up to size 40.

I know there was a whole struggle with sizing when these first came out, but I got them in a 40 and they’re pretty true to size.


I have these in a size 40 and they’re true to size.

Bear in mind that Espadrilles stretch a lot, especially the lambskin.

So, if you’re considering buying Chanel Espadrilles, just make sure you try them on and keep in mind they do stretch over time. If you get a bigger size, it might be too big for you in the future after you wear them a few times.


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Chanel Grosgrain Espadrilles

Chanel Shoe Size Chart (+ How Slingbacks, Sandals, Ballerinas ... fit) (3)


In terms of sizing, I did grab these in a 39, which just goes to show how different sizing can be per shoe. It’s not the same across the board and that’s why I recommend you try on your shoes in store if you can.

I absolutely love these and I really love how the stitching just blends in so seamlessly with the leather. I did wear this a couple of times and it didn’t really take too much breaking in.

These are not the kind of shoes that I would wear every single day because I’m pretty sure I would just wear them to the ground.

They’re a really great casual shoe to wear with jeans, leggings, or shorts.

If I had to pick between these or the classic Espadrilles, I would probably go with the Grosgrain ones just because I like how it’s a little bit of a sharper toe. I feel like it just makes my foot look slimmer.

Next up is another Chanel classic…


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Chanel Slingbacks

Chanel Shoe Size Chart (+ How Slingbacks, Sandals, Ballerinas ... fit) (4)

Are Chanel Slingbacks true to size?


In terms of size, I got the Chanel Slingbacks in a 39.5.

The Slingbacks were such a classic and sophisticated shoe. I do think it’s cute to keep these in my collection just in case and so I don’t see myself really letting go of them anytime soon.

I do know some people have mentioned their foot slipping off the back strap and that’s why it’s important to just really figure out your size.


I bought the Slingbacks in a size 40.5 and they fit me perfectly like I wouldn’t want to go up or down in sizing.


I have the Slingbacks in a size 38.5 which is actually smaller than most of the Chanel shoes that I own. I generally find Chanel shoes fit quite small depending on the style.

I got the 39, which is what I most commonly wear in every designer brand, but I found the 39 was just too loose on the heel straps.

I was slipping off and I wasn’t secure in the shoe. So, the 38.5 is the size that’s right for me in the Chanel Slingbacks.

Chanel Boots

Chanel Shoe Size Chart (+ How Slingbacks, Sandals, Ballerinas ... fit) (5)


I think Chanel Boots fit small because I did have to size up. I originally got these in a 39, and then upon walking around with them at home, I just realized this is going to be too snug.

So, it’s always better to go a size up than a size too small, especially for designer shoes because it’s an investment and you want to make sure that you’re going to be comfortable.

I didn’t have too much trouble breaking them in, but they are a little bit stiff and so you might need a few days to break in the leather just to soften it up to kind of mold your foot.


I got these in a 39.5C (wide), which is, again, a completely different size than any other Chanel shoes that I own. It’s very weird because their sizing is all over the place.

Next up are these gorgeous sandals…

Chanel Platform Sandals

Chanel Shoe Size Chart (+ How Slingbacks, Sandals, Ballerinas ... fit) (6)


These are just so cute and have this 90s style to them because of the platform.

I got these sandals in 39. I wore them a fair bit and they were not super uncomfortable.

I do think this is one of those seasonal pieces. I guess they were around the $800 ballpark, but I did see these end up on sale though for around maybe 600’ish.

Again, this is really cute and I just think it’s a great little summer sandal. It’s definitely for resorts as well, and even though there’s this platform on it, it is still pretty light.


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Chanel Calfskin White Sneakers

Chanel Shoe Size Chart (+ How Slingbacks, Sandals, Ballerinas ... fit) (7)


I first saw these in a couple of different colors in store but had not seen the white ones. So I was waiting to find these so that I could try them on for size.

In terms of size, I grabbed a 39 and I’m really happy with the size.

I just really love this kind of Bougie Air Force One style, but I did get rubbing and blisters on my right foot because one foot is a little bit bigger than the other.

If you’re wearing it for more than like four hours of walking, you might get a blister, but initially, it’s really comfortable.


I got these in a size 40. I think I like these because they have a little bit extra room in them.

In terms of fit, the back part is still a very thick kind of scratchy material, but just regular socks will cover it up. It doesn’t rub nearly as much because it’s not a high top.

Chanel High Top Sneakers

Chanel Shoe Size Chart (+ How Slingbacks, Sandals, Ballerinas ... fit) (8)


I got these in a 39.5.

In terms of fit, being high-top sneakers, the material in the Achilles area is really thick and kind of scratchy and it will rub into the back of your ankle if you don’t wear high enough socks.

Next up is something that’s a hit or miss with people…

Chanel Grand-Dad Sandals

Chanel Shoe Size Chart (+ How Slingbacks, Sandals, Ballerinas ... fit) (9)


Again, I’m a US 8.5/9 and I was advised that these sandals are true to size because they’re so open. I think they fit perfectly.

So, if you’re interested in this style, definitely stick to your true size.

I was definitely so happy that I was able to get these. I love wearing them, I love how chunky they are, and they’ve actually been really comfortable to wear.

If you are looking for a dad sandal or any of the springer summer shoes, I do recommend you start looking at the tail end of winter and very beginning of spring because that’s when all these styles are coming out. They honestly sell out so fast.

Chanel Slides Mules

Chanel Shoe Size Chart (+ How Slingbacks, Sandals, Ballerinas ... fit) (10)

I grabbed these in a 39 and I think they are just absolutely stunning.

I am just so excited to wear these. I love them so much and I feel like they would go really well with my Deville bag. I think it’s a good kind of resort summery look and I just love how easy these are to wear.

They’re made in Italy and the beading is just stunning.


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Chanel Pearl Sandals

Chanel Shoe Size Chart (+ How Slingbacks, Sandals, Ballerinas ... fit) (11)


I got these in a size 41C. C means they’re wide. The reason I ordered them in wide is because I’ve heard that a lot of Chanel sandals run super narrow and my feet are a little bit on the wide side.

I think I probably could have done a 40C because I feel they are a little bit big on me.

Chanel Pearl Sandals

Chanel Shoe Size Chart (+ How Slingbacks, Sandals, Ballerinas ... fit) (12)


I got these in a size 41C, but they fit ridiculously super narrow.

Chanel Ballerina Flats

Chanel Shoe Size Chart (+ How Slingbacks, Sandals, Ballerinas ... fit) (13)

I got these in a size 41 and they are a little bit loose on me. I have another pair of Ballerinas in 40.5 and these fit me so much better.

Amy’s Experience With Chanel Sizes

There is something that you may find very interesting that I’d like to share with you about Chanel shoe sizing.

I once bought some Chanel slingbacks in black and beige and I had the worst experience because I found them to be really uncomfortable.

Chanel Shoe Size Chart (+ How Slingbacks, Sandals, Ballerinas ... fit) (14)

But lately, when I bought some Chanel slides, I discovered something really important that made me think that my experience in those shoes would have been totally different had I known how to pick the right Chanel shoe size.

I found the slides to be probably the most comfortable shoes from Chanel I’ve ever purchased, especially for my wide feet.

This led me to figure out something that I wasn’t aware and so I did want to share that with you guys.

So the slides were the first shoes from Chanel that I had that comfortable experience with and I could never put my finger on what it was about these shoes that made them so comfortable.

Then, I did also buy these tweed slides recently in a size 39. I expected them to fit and feel like my other comfortable slides as they looked similar in style.

Chanel Shoe Size Chart (+ How Slingbacks, Sandals, Ballerinas ... fit) (15)

To my surprise, they were completely different. They were not as comfortable as the previous slides.

I thought it was because of the material used on both slides. The comfortable slides are leather while the other ones are tweed and that’s why I thought they were so much tighter.

Again, the leather slide fit my wide feet perfectly whereas the tweed slides made my feet look like sausages if that makes sense.

I was confused because both boxes were marked 39.

Suddenly, I noticed my leather slides were marked 39C on the bottom.

This got me curious.

So, I did some research and found out that the 39C was made for wide feet whereas 39B, or just 39 was made for regular feet.

I also found out that they made the tweed slides in 39C, which would have been perfect for my wide feet just like the leather slides.

I did more research and found that super narrow would be “AA”, narrow would be “A”, and regular (more commercial fit) fit is “B” then the wide fit is “C”.


I sent back the tweed slides and re-ordered them in 39C, but the fit is not all that different from the regular 39. With that, I think that it has to do with the material used.

Chanel Shoe Size Chart (+ How Slingbacks, Sandals, Ballerinas ... fit) (16)

I think because these are tweed and patent, I do think that that is what keeps these way more restricting than the all-leather shoes.

I was literally blown away. It would be nice if Chanel made their customers aware of the different widths of their shoes.

One of the other reasons why I wanted to discuss this is because I think that I have been purchasing my Chanel shoes all wrong all along.

But it’s better late than never. The next time I’m going to update my Chanel shoe collection, I’m going to take into consideration the C and B versions of their shoes.

There’s something else I really want you to be careful with….


During sales, they sometimes have overstock of either wide shoes or narrow or regular. So, if you contact an associate and you’re interested in a certain model, they will say they have them but they won’t mention to you that they’re the wide version or the regular version.

So, sometimes if you’ve ever purchased a pair of Chanel shoes and they fit you too big and you’ve thought that you needed a size down, it is probably that you maybe picked up a 39C instead of a 39B because that’s what they had in stock.

You should always ask for a 39 regular or a 39B if you have regular to narrow feet, and if you have wide feet, you want to make sure that you’re asking for the 39C.

Now I’m wondering if the slingbacks hurt my feet because they were regular and not wide. So I think I’m going to sell all my slingbacks and repurchase them in a wide version because those really hurt my feet.

I hope this was a useful tip for those of you who sometimes have had Chanel or any luxury shoe size fail.

A lot of these companies do make shoes in a wide version and you have to check that before you buy. Wide versions may not be listed on websites, but these companies frequently do make wide versions of their shoes.

How do you measure shoe sizes?

To measure your feet, you can follow these easy-to-follow steps…

Step 1

Place your foot with your heel against a wall.

Step 2

Place a tape measure beside the foot.

Step 3

Place a ruler in line with the longest toe.

Step 4

Measure the foot length from the longest toe.

Step 5

Measure the other foot as well.

Step 6

Use the measurement of the largest foot to find your size on the size charts. You can use centimeters or millimeters.

Step 7

Use your size to choose your shoes online.

Chanel Shoe Size Chart (+ How Slingbacks, Sandals, Ballerinas ... fit) (17)

Chanel Shoe Sizing FAQs

What size is a 39 in Chanel?

A size 39 Chanel shoe is in reality 38 ½ which would equate to a US size 8 ½.

Are Chanel shoes true to size?

Some Chanel shoes run true to size while others run small. Their shoes are hand-crafted and so their sizing can be somewhat inconsistent. But typically, Chanel shoes run a half size to a full size small.

What does C mean in Chanel shoes?

Chanel shoes marked C are wide versions of their shoes.

Are Chanel shoes comfortable?

Some are comfortable while others are not. Their sneakers and boots are comfortable, but their flats are a bit uncomfortable.


Again, if you are shopping for Chanel shoes, the sizes all vary so much.

So I definitely recommend just really trying their shoes on if you can. If not, make sure that you are able to return it and exchange your size.

The last tip if you’re interested in looking for Chanel shoes, definitely always check out the selection of Chanel shoes at department stores because they usually get styles that the boutiques don’t.

That’s it for this Chanel size chart kind of article. I hope you’ve learned something new today and see you in the next one 🙂

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