Kroger's Return Policy Explained in 2022 (2023)

There are many major retailers in the United States that offer various kinds of products and services. When you are thinking of getting something, there are multiple retailers that you can go to some people like going to Walmart, some to Target, Kroger, and so on. You can purchase many items in their vast number of stores located all over America. But if you don’t like something that you bought because either it is damaged when you open the package or just plainly because you changed your mind, you can just return it. Many of these retail companies have a return policy for their items. Kroger is one such store that accepts returns, but many people don’t know the details of its return policy. In this article, you will know, What is Kroger’s return policy? If you are interested, then read the article.

A return policy is nothing but a provision that a retailer gives you, where in if you return a product within a set period from the date of purchase, you can get a refund or exchange. In today’s world, to bring customers to the stores, retailers need to implement various strategies for them to survive. One of those strategies is to provide a return policy. This way you can simply buy something you like and then return it and get a refund in case you don’t like it. There are many people who do this regularly, and there’s nothing wrong with it. When you buy some clothes, you can simply ask for an exchange or refund if they do not fit your size.

Look at other policies at the stores, I am attaching the link to Kroger’s Cashback Policy here.

So, What is Kroger’s return policy? How long is the return period at Kroger’s? What’s the process of claiming a refund at Kroger? Continue reading the article to know the answers.

What Is Kroger’s Return Policy?


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    • 1.1 How to Return the Items Bought From Kroger?
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    • 1.3 What Is the Way to Exchange an Item at Kroger?
    • 1.4 Can You Return the Item You Bought From Kroger to Some Other Retailer?
    • 1.5 What Items Does Kroger Not Accept Returns or Exchanges for?
    • 1.6 Conclusion
  • 2 FAQs – What Is Kroger’s Return Policy?
Kroger's Return Policy Explained in 2022 (1)

Kroger has a fairly convenient return policy for the products that are bought from its stores. You can return the products that you purchased from a Kroger store without many complications. You have to return items you bought from a Kroger store within 30 days from their date of purchase. The items you wish to return must be submitted back in the original package. You can return the item you bought from Kroger’s in-store and also from its website. The retailer has a fairly simple process of returning the products that you bought from its stores. Nowadays, almost all major retail chain store companies are accepting returns from customers, as they have made customer satisfaction the main priority. That is why even the process of returning or exchanging items at Kroger is not at all complicated and convenient for most people.

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How to Return the Items Bought From Kroger?

Kroger's Return Policy Explained in 2022 (2)

As I have mentioned, it is easy to return the item that you bought from Kroger’s in-store. You can return an item at any Kroger store, but if possible, I suggest you return it at the branch theta you purchased from. To do that, firstly, you need to return the item with the original packaging that it came in. It is necessary to have the receipt for that item. When you are making purchases from a Kroger’s store using a mode of payment other than by cash, that transaction will surely be recorded somehow. Make sure to have that information with you when you are returning an item. By just taking those things with you to a Kroger store, you can return the item. The important thing to remember is to return the item within 30days from its date of purchase.

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How to Return the Items Bought From Kroger’s Online Shopping Platform?

Unlike online shopping platforms like Amazon, where an associate from the company will come and pick up your return, it is a bit more complicated for Kroger. No one will come and pick up the item you wish to return at Kroger, you have to mail it. Although a bit inconvenient, it is the only way to return an item that you purchased from Kroger’s online store. Here are the steps that you need to follow to return bought from Kroger’s website.

Kroger's Return Policy Explained in 2022 (3)
  • You first need to log in to your Kroger account on the website and go to the order history.
  • In the order history, select the item that you want to return and state your reason for why you are returning it.
  • After confirming your return, you will be given an address that you have to put on a shipping label.
  • Put the item in its original package and then pack it again safely with a shipping label on it. Make sure to input the correct address that you get on the website after confirming the return.
  • Ship the package using any mail carrier service like USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. to the address on the address on the shipping label. If everything checks out, Kroger will process your refund.

If all these steps are properly followed, Kroger will refund the money for the item you purchased within 7-10. You will get the amount back in the same mode of payment that you used to purchase the item. Although not as convenient as the return process at Amazon, it is still a fairly simple process.

What Is the Way to Exchange an Item at Kroger?

Exchanging an item at Kroger is the same process as returning it. You just have to take the item to the store and show the defect to the staff or the reason for why want to exchange it. If your item is eligible for an exchange, then you simply exchange it for another item or the same. Remember to take the receipt for that item to the store.

If you want to exchange an item you purchased from the retailer’s online website, you need to select the exchange option instead of return. After that, enter the required details and confirm the exchange process. Then you just have to mail the item to the address that the website gives you using a mail carrier service.

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Can You Return the Item You Bought From Kroger to Some Other Retailer?

Kroger's Return Policy Explained in 2022 (4)

Kroger owns many retail chain store brands. You can simply return an item you bought from a Kroger store to any of the subsidiaries that it owns. The return should be done in 30 days, so be sure to get that done as quickly as possible to avoid any complications. Here’s a list of chain store brands that Kroger owns.

  • Pay-Less Super Markets
  • Harris Teeter
  • King Soopers
  • Jay C Food Store
  • Baker’s
  • QFC
  • Dillons
  • Smith’s Food and Drug
  • Fred Meyer
  • Ralphs
  • Fry’s
  • Gerbes
  • Food 4 Less
  • City Market

All these chain store retailers and companies are owned by Kroger. That means you can just return a Kroger’s item in these stores if you wish to. But make sure that you take the receipt with you and also have the information regarding the mode of payment.

Is EBT Online Accepted at Kroger? Know the answer for it here.

What Items Does Kroger Not Accept Returns or Exchanges for?

Although Kroger accepts returns for many items, there are some items that you can’t return. The returns for such items have many restrictions, keep this in mind when you are purchasing them. Here’s a list of items that you can’t return at a Kroger store.

  • Alcohol and Tobacco. While states allow people to return them, others don’t.
  • WIC (Women, infants, and children) items.
  • Baby Formula, you can only return it if you have the original receipt.

These are the items that have restrictions on returning them at a Kroger’s store. If you have doubts regarding the return policy for these items, then be sure to ask the employee before buying them. Many people return products they bought from Kroger, but not this list of items that I mentioned.

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Kroger’s return policy is both customer-friendly and less complicated. You can return or exchange any eligible item within 30 days from its date of purchase. When returning an item to a Kroger’s store, you need to have its receipt and the details of the transaction, like the mode of payment. You need to have them in order to process your return or exchange at Kroger. Even items purchased from Kroger’s online website can also be returned. There are other retail brands that Kroger owns that can process the returns. This way, you can avoid having to own something that you don’t like. But there are some restrictions for returning some items, keep that in mind when you are shopping at Kroger.

FAQs – What Is Kroger’s Return Policy?

What is Kroger’s return policy?

You can return eligible products that you bought from Kroger’s in store or website within 30 days from their date of purchase.

What do you need to return an item to Kroger?

You need to have the receipt for the item that you bought from Kroger. It is also helpful to have the transaction history in case you used a mode of payment other than cash.

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How many retail chain store brands accept returns from Kroger?

All the chain store brands that Kroger owns accept returns for the items bought from its stores.


What is the return policy at Kroger? ›

Pickup and delivery orders (with certain exclusions) are eligible for online refunds within 30 days of purchase. Ship orders are eligible for online refunds within 60 days of purchase. Marketplace items purchased on our website are eligible for a refund or return request to the seller within 30 days of purchase.

How long can you return something to Kroger? ›

All Kroger Co. Family of Stores can accept returns of items purchased at any Kroger Company family of stores location within a 30-day window of purchase. Returns with receipt: There are two receipt options: paper receipt or digital receipt.

Does Kroger accept returns without a receipt? ›

Kroger will accept returned items even without a receipt. If you return items worth $10 or less, they'll refund the total amount in cash. If the value of your return exceeds $10, Kroger will offer you a store credit of similar value. The store credit is eligible for any of the Kroger group of companies.

Can you return unopened food? ›

Yes, only if they are unopened and have not been visibly tampered with. However it is up to you when you take any food item off the shelf to make sure that its is not expired or has been tampered with in any way.

What is on return policy? ›

What is a return policy? A return policy is a set of rules a retailer creates to manage how customers return and exchange unwanted merchandise they've purchased. Return policies tell customers what items can be returned and for what reasons, as well as the timeframe over which returns are accepted.

How long is a return policy? ›

Every returns policy needs to be at least 14 days. Most people expect a policy of at least 30 days – and they're checking before they buy. With a 30-day policy, the average return takes only 12 days. Longer returns windows can lead to longer returns – but only slightly!

How long after a purchase can you return it? ›

Customer Returns and Refunds Under Federal Law

In addition to retailers being required to accept the return of defective items, federal law provides a "Cooling-Off Rule " giving buyers three days to cancel purchases of $25 or more.

How long after you buy something can you return it? ›

California, for example, requires stores to post their Refund Policy in a conspicuous place unless they offer full cash refunds or store credit within 7 days of purchase. If a store does follow this requirement, customers may return items for a full refund within 30 days of a purchase.

How long do you have to return an item with receipt? ›

For non-faulty items, most retailers will impose time limits such as 28 days. These can extend around busy shopping periods like Christmas. Some retailers can offer longer returns periods.

Can I return an unopened item without a receipt? ›

If you don't have a receipt, try to make the return within 30 days and the company may be able to find your purchase in its system if you used a debit or credit card for the transaction. You'll need to show ID to return items without a receipt.

Can I legally return an item without a receipt? ›

However, there's no getting away from the fact that proof of purchase is an important part of the process, and without it you may not be able to get a refund or exchange. Bear in mind that if the present was bought using a debit or credit card then any refund will go straight onto that card, rather than to you.

Can you process a refund without a receipt? ›

A credit card slip or order record saved in the retail system or even the say-so of a person who was present when the products were purchased are legally enough. There are many reasons that can cause the customer to refund and exchange without receipts in the store: It could be a gift from their friends.

Do stores throw away returned items? ›

Experts estimate that retailers throw away about a quarter of their returns. Returns and resale company Optoro estimates that every year, U.S. returns create almost 6 billion pounds of landfill waste.

Can you return expired food to grocery store? ›

Most stores allow returns of items with a receipt, although some perishables such as meat or produce may not be returnable at some stores. Call for specifics at the store where you plan to make the return.

Can you return spoiled food to Walmart? ›

Walmart's Fresh Guarantee policy is a 100% money-back guarantee on all perishable items purchased at Walmart. This policy guarantees that if your perishable Walmart groceries don't live up to your freshness expectations, you can request a refund for these items (with your receipt) within 90 days of purchase.

What is the standard return policy? ›

The policy provides an up-front guarantee of customer satisfaction. If a product does not meet the customer's expectations or if it is defective, the consumer has confidence that he can return the product for a replacement product, a refund or a store credit.

How does refund policy work? ›

1. A refund policy is a document that outlines the rules for getting refunds for purchased goods and services. A refund policy often details the eligibility requirements for refunds, types of refunds given, the refund timeframe, and the return process.

Can you return an item and get a refund? ›

It's important to note that each retail store has the right to set its own policy on refunds and exchanges. None are legally required to give you back your money, and it's rare to find one that will accept a return without receipt.

What stores have the longest return policy? ›

Ranking up there for the return policies with the longest return window are Patagonia, American Eagle and Trader Joe's. You can return items at these stores at any time – regardless of how long it's been since you made your purchase.

Under what circumstances can a purchase return take place? ›

There are a number of reasons for purchase returns, such as the following:
  • The buyer initially acquired an excessive quantity, and wants to return the remainder.
  • The buyer acquired the wrong goods.
  • The seller sent the wrong goods.
  • The goods have proven to be inadequate in some way.
May 16, 2022

How long do you have to change your mind on a purchase? ›

The Cooling Off Rule Allows You to Cancel Some Sales

The Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) Cooling-Off Rule gives you three days to cancel purchases of $25 or more.

What is return and refund policy? ›

The Return and Refund Policy is seen by many people as a guarantee that the product will be good or else they will be able to get their money back. The fact that the seller is making it clear that the customer can get a refund shows that the seller must think their products are good quality.

Can I return a product if I don't like it? ›

You don't have an automatic right to get your money back if you just change your mind about something you've bought and there's nothing wrong with it. It's the same no matter how expensive the item was - it's really down to the seller whether they offer you anything.

What do you say when returning an item? ›

Tell the clerk you want to return the item.

Smile and say, “Hi, I want to return this item which I bought last week.” Show the clerk the item and your receipt. Don't delay returning the item. Some stores allow returns but only for a certain amount of time.

Can I return goods after 6 months? ›

If goods are returned after six months of the date of the original supply invoice, the rate of tax applicable will be the rate prevailing on date of such return. The information above explains about handing of GST against returned goods once after paying GST and tax return earlier.

What happens if I return something after 30 days? ›

If it's broken or faulty

Make sure you return the item within 30 days — after this point, the retailer can give you a repair or replacement, but you're not entitled to a refund.

What can I do if a company refuses to refund my money? ›

Get Outside Help
  1. Contact your state attorney general or consumer protection office. ...
  2. Contact a national consumer organization. ...
  3. Contact your local Better Business Bureau. ...
  4. File a report with the Federal Trade Commission. ...
  5. Visit

What to do if a merchant refuses to refund? ›

If asking the merchant for a refund didn't work, request a chargeback with your credit card issuer. Many card issuers let you dispute transactions by phone, mail or online. You may also be able to submit a dispute directly through your card issuer's mobile app.

How do I prove a purchase without a receipt? ›

Other types of proof of purchase include:
  1. credit or debit card statement.
  2. a lay-by agreement.
  3. a receipt or reference number given for phone or internet payments.
  4. a warranty card showing the supplier's or manufacturer's details and the date and amount of the purchase.

How much can you return to Walmart without receipt 2022? ›

You can do Walmart returns without a receipt and get cash back for items under $10. If you have absolutely no proof of purchase, you're not out of luck. Go to the Service Desk with the product and your valid government-issued photo ID.

Can stores look up receipts? ›

The staff at any store, including big-box establishments, can ask to see your receipt as you exit.

What are the 8 basic rights of the consumers? ›

  • Consumer's rights to enforce terms about goods.
  • Right to reject.
  • Partial rejection of goods.
  • Time limit for short-term right to reject.
  • Right to repair or replacement.
  • Right to price reduction or final right to reject.

What to do if you lose a receipt? ›

Here's what you can do :
  1. Return to the merchant to look for the receipt. This task may not be very efficient time-wise, but it can help find the missing receipt by asking for a duplicate. ...
  2. Recourse to the lump sum refund. ...
  3. Show a bank statement. ...
  4. Provide a sworn statement.
Sep 3, 2019

Is a bank statement proof of purchase? ›

You need a proof of purchase but this does not have to be a receipt. It could be a bank statement, credit card or loyalty card statement, for example. It just needs to show that you bought the item at that particular retailer.

What are the steps in the refund process? ›

Where's My Refund? has a tracker that displays progress through 3 stages: (1) Return Received, (2) Refund Approved and (3) Refund Sent. You will get personalized refund information based on the processing of your tax return.

Can I get a refund if I paid by credit card? ›

If you bought the item with a credit card, you'll get reimbursed in the form of a credit card refund. A credit card refund happens when you return a product you purchased using a credit card and get a credit to your account.

What is the best excuse to return an item? ›

Here are some of the most common reasons for returns, and what you can do about them:
  • #1 | The Customer Bought the Wrong Item.
  • #2 | The Product is No Longer Needed.
  • #3 | The Product Didn't Match the Description.
  • #4 | A Gift Purchase Was Incorrect.
  • #5 | The Product Was Damaged Upon Arrival.
Mar 3, 2022

What items are returned the most? ›

According to the survey, clothing was the most frequently returned online purchase; 88 percent of U.S. consumers reported returning these items.
Which types of products have you returned in the past?
CharacteristicShare of respondents
Home & Garden24%
Health & Beauty21%
6 more rows
Sep 30, 2022

Can a store sell a returned item as new? ›

In the US, selling used items as new is against the law and considered a criminal act. But there are many stores and companies who choose to ignore this law. Those who fear lawsuits, sell customer returns to secondary markets or as open products.

Can you return unopened food to Kroger? ›

Family of Stores can accept returns of items purchased at any Kroger Company family of stores location within a 30-day window of purchase. Returns with receipt: There are two receipt options: paper receipt or digital receipt.

What does Kroger do with expired food? ›

We're proud to say that through our Perishable Donations Partnership program, our Kroger family of stores reroutes millions of pounds of safe, nutritious, perishable food each year to Feeding America food banks with the capacity to safely handle and distribute fresh food.

What happens to unsold food at grocery stores? ›

Outdated, damaged, and out-of-season items from supermarkets, collectively known as "unsaleables," are sent to large clearing houses known as reclamation centers. These are most often operated by the supermarket chains themselves or wholesale distributors.

Can Walmart tell if an item is stolen when you return it? ›

The UPC/security barcode is scanned at time of purchase. When item is being returned to the store, the barcode can show whether the item was purchased at Walmart or not.

What items cannot be returned to Walmart 2022? ›

List of Items that Cannot Be Returned
  • Firearms & ammunition.
  • Airsoft guns & BB guns.
  • Pepper spray.
  • Gas-powered vehicles (such as dirt bikes, go karts, ATVs, etc.)
  • Prescription medications and devices.
  • Over-the-counter medications containing pseudoephedrine, ephedrine & phenylpropanolamine.
  • Sex toys.
Nov 29, 2022

Can I return something to Walmart if I threw the box away? ›

Walmart's standard return policy is pretty straightforward and, while it does technically specify that all returns should be accompanied by original packaging and accessories, most items can still be returned or exchanged without a box.

Can you return an item without the receipt? ›

If you don't have a receipt, try to make the return within 30 days and the company may be able to find your purchase in its system if you used a debit or credit card for the transaction.

Can I return items to grocery store? ›

Most stores allow returns of items with a receipt, although some perishables such as meat or produce may not be returnable at some stores.

What is a 14 day return policy? ›

You need to tell the seller you don't want the item within 14 days of receiving it. Once you've told the seller, you've got another 14 days to actually send the item back. You can use our template letter to let the seller know you're cancelling. Keep a copy so you've got proof you sent it.

What does 7 day return policy mean? ›

7 Days Replacement/Returnable

This item is eligible for free replacement/refund, within 7 days of delivery, in an unlikely event of damaged, defective or different/wrong item delivered to you.

What to do if I lost a receipt? ›

Here's what you can do :
  1. Return to the merchant to look for the receipt. This task may not be very efficient time-wise, but it can help find the missing receipt by asking for a duplicate. ...
  2. Recourse to the lump sum refund. ...
  3. Show a bank statement. ...
  4. Provide a sworn statement.

How do I get around a no refund policy? ›

Company Won't Give You a Refund? Here's How to Get Your Money Back
  1. Try to Work it Out with the Merchant First.
  2. Option 1: Request a Chargeback.
  3. Option 2: Consider Mediation.
  4. Option 3: Sue in Small Claims.
  5. Option 4: Pursue Consumer Arbitration.
  6. FairShake Can Help Make Arbitrating a Breeze.

Can you get in trouble for returning too much? ›

Returning Worn Items

Generally, a consumer is safe from being arrested if they are honest with a store about the item they are returning.

Can you return an item within 30 days? ›

If it's broken or faulty

Whether you buy an item in-store or online, you have the right to return it within 30 days and get all of your money back if it's faulty, not as described or unfit for purpose.

Is there a 30 day return policy? ›

Retailers are required to clearly post their refund policy unless they offer a full cash refund, exchange, or store credit within seven days of the purchase date. Retailers failing this requirement are required to accept full refunds within 30 days of purchase.

What is the 14 days Consumer Rights Act? ›

Your consumer rights within the first 14 days of buying online. You have the right to cancel your purchase for a full refund from when you place an order until 14 days after it was delivered.

What is return abuse? ›

Refund abuse (aka. returns abuse) occurs when a customer uses the returns policy of a merchant so much that it becomes unprofitable. Customers may also abuse refunds by faking returns/receipts, or reselling merchandise.


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