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How can I get refund from snapdeal? ›

You can return the product bought on Snapdeal within 7-days of delivery. Login to your Snapdeal Account and go to MY ORDERS section. Select the item you wish to replace and click on the Return/Replace link against the order. Choose return option and fill in the required details.

What is snapdeal India? ›

Snapdeal is India's leading pure-play value Ecommerce platform. Founded in 2010 by Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal, Snapdeal is one of the top four online lifestyle shopping destinations of India.

How do I get customer service to refund? ›

Contact the business.
  1. Be clear with your complaint. State why you are unhappy. ...
  2. Also state you want a refund. The company might try to give you something else, such as store credit, if you aren't clear.
  3. Realize that the first person you speak to might not be able to help you.

How do I get a refund on anything? ›

Here's how to get your money back on absolutely anything:
  1. Find out the return policy before you pay.
  2. Proof of purchase goes a long way.
  3. Be strategic with in-store returns.
  4. Use this secret weapon.
  5. Get money back for shoddy services too.
  6. Get your credit card company involved.
  7. Get your money back for credit card late fees.
Oct 22, 2018

Does Snapdeal deliver to USA? ›

Snapdeal ship to the USA is possible by using the United States Postal Service (USPS). This organization works with deliveries from many countries over the world to the United States.

Is Snapdeal fake or real? ›

Snapdeal Does 'Not' Sell Fake Products

It's a two-way process followed by a strict zero-tolerance policy. You can be assured of a happy shopping experience on Snapdeal and not getting any counterfeit product.

Why no one is using Snapdeal? ›

Snapdeal also couldn't leverage on the high-margin, fast-growing fashion segment as it couldn't offer the level of product assortment and quality offered by market leaders Flipkart (along with Myntra and Jabong) and Amazon. The report also cited Snapdeal's numerous pivots as a major reason for its failures.

When a company won't refund money? ›

Contact your state attorney general or consumer protection office. These government agencies may mediate complaints, conduct investigations, and prosecute those who break consumer protection laws. Contact a national consumer organization.

How do I get my money back from an online purchase? ›

The chargeback process lets you ask your bank to refund a payment on your debit card when a purchase has gone wrong. You should contact the seller first, as you cannot start a chargeback claim unless you have done this. Then, if you can't resolve the issue, get in touch with your bank.

How do I request a refund message? ›

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing this letter to request a full refund for the clothes I ordered from your store. I had received a lot of reviews which is why I ordered a few cloth materials worth Rs. 20,000 for my painting business. I regret to inform you that I am not satisfied with the materials.

What is the fastest way to get a refund? ›

The best and fastest way to get your tax refund is to have it electronically deposited for free into your financial account. The IRS program is called direct deposit.

How do I get a refund from item not received? ›

You should contact the seller to ask for a redelivery or a refund - you can phone, email or write a letter.

How do I get a refund on my credit card? ›

When you need a credit card refund, the best place to start is the place you made your purchase. You can contact the merchant and explain your situation. If the merchant agrees to the refund, you'll get a credit to your account. It might take some time for the credit to show up on your account.

How can I track my order from Snapdeal? › How can I check my order status? You can check the status of your order by clicking "Track Order" below. Still need help?

Can China deliver to USA? ›

Standard air freight between China and the US generally takes around 8-10 days. It's not that planes are slower; it comes down to the fact that air freight processes are more complicated than for express freight. Express air freight services typically shaves 2-3 days off standard air freight transit times.

Can we courier clothes from India to USA? ›

Yes, you can send as many clothes as you want in a package via our international courier delivery services that you can count on for fast and safe courier delivery to the US, making shipping clothes from INDIA to USA easy and efficient.

Which website is similar to Snapdeal? › Top 6 competitors
  •, with 2.7M visits, 56 authority score, 58.07% bounce rate.
  •, with 72.8M visits, 90 authority score, 65.36% bounce rate.
  •, with 41.7M visits, 75 authority score, 65.90% bounce rate.
  •, with 40.6M visits, 83 authority score, 71.84% bounce rate.

Is counterfeit products fake? ›

Counterfeit products are fakes or unauthorized replicas of the real product. Counterfeit products are often produced with the intent to take advantage of the superior value of the imitated product.

Is Instagram shopping fake? ›

How Safe is Instagram for Shopping? Overall, Instagram is a safe place to shop. Thanks to Instagram's Checkout feature, users can complete their purchase with the merchant directly through the Instagram app. This means that Instagram collects your payment information rather than the individual merchant collecting it.

What are the problems of Snapdeal? ›

Along with its inability to rack up fresh funds due to losses incurred by the high cash burn rate of over $20 million a month, Snapdeal faces a slew of challenges that include cautious sellers, brand taking a hit and high attrition rates among top executives.

How can I get fast delivery on Snapdeal? ›

How can I get my orders delivered faster? Currently, we do not have faster delivery option available. However, we always try to deliver the order on or before the expected delivery date. Still need help?

How to pay in Snapdeal? ›

You can use any one of the following payment methods:
  1. Credit card.
  2. Credit card EMI of leading banks.
  3. Debit card.
  4. Net Banking.
  5. Cash on Delivery.
  6. E-Gift cards.
  7. Wallets.

How do I refund an online transaction? ›

Refund orders
  1. Sign in to the payments profile.
  2. Click Customer orders.
  3. Click the line of any order that you want to refund.
  4. In the panel that opens, click Refund or scroll down and click View full page to see the customer's order history and more details.
  5. On the next screen, click Refund again.

How do I refund something I bought online? ›

Returning an online item to the store will reduce wait times for your refund or exchange. Replace the item in its original packaging. Bring your item, original packaging, the credit card you used, if applicable and the receipt. Go to the Returns or Customer Service department at the store.

How do I request a refund from a supplier? ›

How to Demand a Refund (5 steps)
  1. Step 1 – Read the Refund Policy.
  2. Step 2 – Find Your Receipt.
  3. Step 3 – Detail the Reasons for a Refund.
  4. Step 4 – Request Payment or Credit.
  5. Step 5 – Get Paid or Take Further Action.

How can I cancel my snapdeal order after shipped? ›

Cancellation. How can I cancel my order? Go to My Orders and tap on order you wish to cancel. Click on CANCEL button.

Can a transaction be refunded? ›

A refunded transaction goes through the typical settlement process. As soon as the refund settles, the funds are sent back to the customer's bank account. The customer's bank may take a couple of days to deposit these funds, so it is normal for your customer to experience a small delay.

Can I get a refund if I paid by credit card? ›

If you make a chargeback claim, your card company tries to claim your money back from the company you've paid, by reversing the transaction. There's usually no minimum spend in order to be covered by chargeback, but time limits apply for making a claim – 120 days from making the purchase, depending on the type of card.

Can the bank refund a transaction? ›

Your bank can only refuse to refund an unauthorised payment if: it can prove you authorised the payment. it can prove you acted fraudulently. it can prove you deliberately, or with 'gross negligence', failed to protect the details of your card, PIN or password in a way that allowed the payment.

What to do when you can't get a refund? ›

Get Outside Help
  1. Contact your state attorney general or consumer protection office. ...
  2. Contact a national consumer organization. ...
  3. Contact your local Better Business Bureau. ...
  4. File a report with the Federal Trade Commission. ...
  5. Visit

What to do if they won't give you a refund? ›

If you qualify for a return but the seller won't give you your money back, you have some options:
  1. Write a complaint letter: we have advice to help you do that and a sample letter.
  2. Consider getting help from a consumer organization like Call for Action, Consumer Action , or the Better Business Bureau.
Nov 9, 2021

How long can online refunds take? ›

How long does a credit card refund take to show up on Internet banking? Credit card refunds from a business or merchant. Refunds from a merchant can take from 2 up to 90 days to be processed, although the average is about 5 business days.

How do you email a customer for refund? ›

Hi (Recipient's name), I can confirm that a refund of (amount) was returned to you for (product/service/order) on (date). The payment was sent to (usually the original payment method, but provide details.) It can take up to (number) days for refunds to be processed.

What is a supplier refund? ›

This could be when you have overpaid a supplier for a invoice, or they send a refund after sending a credit note. This article explains how to enter the refund and match it to the original payment or credit note.

Can I cancel a package that has already shipped? ›

For a fee, USPS Package Intercept® lets the sender or recipient stop delivery or redirect a package, letter, or flat that is not out for delivery or already delivered. Most domestic mailings with a tracking or extra services barcode are eligible for Package Intercept.

Can I cancel my order on delivery? ›

Call the customer service number if you get an email that says that the order can't be cancelled because it has already shipped. In some cases, the customer service representative can stop the shipment in transit. Ask the customer service number how they will process your cancellation.

Can I cancel an online order before delivery? ›

Most companies will post their cancellation policy or a link to it on the order page. As a result, before you cancel, you should read the cancellation policy. Some companies require you to cancel an order within 30 minutes or an hour of placing it. Some companies may allow you 24 hours to cancel an order.

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