The Easiest Stores to Shoplift From (2024)

Luckily, there are a few easy stores to shoplift from. You can even go and shoplift from your local Walmart. So whether you are looking for a new baby stroller, diaper bag, or Apple products, this is the place to do it.


Despite the security measures in place at Apple Stores, thieves have been busy in the last few months snatching items from the shelves. They have been known to take high-end gadgets and, in some cases, have even managed to make off with iPhones.

Apple hasn’t commented on the matter. However, the company’s website does feature a list of theft-related measures. One measure listed is the Find My iPhone feature, which lets customers track their phones through an Apple app. Another is the use of an in-store display table to demo products. The problem is that such devices are not always boxed up, and thieves can easily take the merchandise with them.

Another aforementioned security measure is the use of an activation-locked iPhone, which cannot be unlocked or wiped. This is a big deal because Apple does not make the protections widely available.

A recent incident at the Costa Mesa Apple Store in California demonstrates that the company’s security measures are not always up to snuff. The thieves managed to get away with about $29,000 worth of merchandise, which they snatched from display tables.

Another Thursday night incident at the Berkeley Apple Store saw thieves take about 20 electronic devices from the shelves. In all, the company is estimated to have lost more than $100,000 in the property.

Home Depot

Despite its reputation as one of the largest home improvement retailers in the world, Home Depot is not immune to retail crime. In fact, Home Depot has experienced a number of shoplifting incidents in the last few years.

These thefts can lead to serious charges and penalties. The consequences vary depending on the location, state, and amount of merchandise stolen.

Professional shoplifters target high-end liquor, designer clothing, and allergy medicine. In order to prevent theft, Home Depot has implemented a number of loss prevention strategies. These include asset protection specialists who work to prevent theft and security guards who help monitor shoplifters.

Home Depot has also introduced new theft prevention strategies, including power tools that require customers to activate them at the register. This means that thieves can’t use them once they’re stolen. The company plans to expand the program to all 1,988 stores across the United States.

Home Depot is also working with pawn shops to recover stolen goods. In addition, the company is testing a new point-of-sale activation technique in a few stores.

Currently, Home Depot isn’t able to release the number of shoplifting losses it incurs. However, CNBC reports that it loses $81 million a year because of shoplifting.


Taking merchandise out of a store is a serious offense. Fortunately, Target has a solid loss prevention program in place to deter shoplifting.

If you’ve ever been caught shoplifting at Target, you know that the consequences can be harsh. You could be banned from the store for a period of time and even jailed. This is a serious felony, especially if you are a repeat offender.

Target stores are equipped with surveillance cameras and security guards. This security personnel is trained to detain shoplifters with reasonable proof. You may be asked to step into the back room, or they may call the police.

Target’s loss prevention team uses video analysis, facial recognition technology, and even a private forensics lab. This allows Target to track the activities of individual shoplifters over time. The company also uses this information to track organized crime.

The company also has a no-chase policy. This allows Target to detain shoplifters without being chased down outside of the store.

Target also has one of the top-rated forensics labs in the country. These forensic labs are well-known for their ability to solve organized retail crimes.

There are several other factors involved in Target’s loss prevention program, but they can all be boiled down to one simple rule: Don’t shoplift.

WalmartThe Easiest Stores to Shoplift From (2)

Despite its lean staff, Walmart is one of the easiest stores to shoplift. Shoplifting is illegal, and Walmart works with law enforcement to make sure that it is caught. When a shoplifter is caught, he or she may be detained, charged, and even jailed. The penalties can be steep depending on the value of the goods stolen.

Walmart’s “restorative justice” program allows low-risk first-time offenders to avoid criminal charges. Typically, the program involves paying restitution to the store and doing community service.

Walmart’s strict security measures include surveillance cameras and intercom codes that alert employees when someone is suspected of shoplifting. The cameras are also used to verify the suspected shoplifter’s intent.

Walmart’s security team has also found that the use of cables in shop displays is a big cause of shoplifting. Customers complain about the cables and how the merchandise is sometimes unlocked.

Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world, so it’s no wonder that shoplifting has become a big problem. In fact, Walmart lost more than 3 billion dollars to shoplifters last year.

Walmart uses cameras to track and detect shoplifters, and they can hold on to the footage of theft to find a repeat offender. The company also works with police to find and identify suspects.

Baby strollers

Purchasing strollers online is an easy and convenient way to shop for baby items. This convenience allows you to purchase items without leaving the comfort of your own home. However, it’s important to remember that stroller theft is a risk. Therefore, you should be aware of the risks, whether online or in a store.

There are a few simple precautions that you can take to prevent stroller theft. The first step is to use a lock on the stroller. You can use a lock that can be tilted forward to roll the stroller on the front wheels, or you can place the lock on the back wheels.

Another tip is to use return address labels. These labels will make it easier to find your stroller if it is ever lost. They should be placed in several places on the stroller and should be hidden.

Another way to prevent stroller theft is to not purchase a stroller that has chains or tie-down straps. These types of straps are easy to cut, and many people don’t know that the straps aren’t secure.

Another common method of shoplifting is using a diaper bag. These bags can be a good place to hide merchandise.

Diaper bags

Getting a diaper bag that looks stylish and functional is not always easy. However, there are some diaper bags that offer great value for their low price tag. In fact, they may even be more attractive than their price indicates.

Diaper bags have become more popular in recent years. There are now a wide variety of stylish options to choose from. Some are small and simple, while others are large and feature backpack straps. However, no matter what style you choose, you need to consider what you need it for and how you will be using it.

A diaper bag that has a waterproof lining is a must. It helps protect the contents from getting wet and makes it easier to clean. Some bags also have insulated pockets on the inside, which are great for keeping bottles chilled. These bags are also great for storing snacks.

Another option is to get a bag with a changing pad. A changing pad is great for keeping a baby’s clothes clean and dry while you change him or her. A changing pad also has its own pocket in the front storage area.

Another feature you may want is a bottle holder. Some bags have insulated bottle pockets, but there aren’t any in the Baby Bag.


What is the most common form of shoplifting?

The most popular technique, concealing is hiding products in clothing, bags, and strollers before leaving the store. In clothing retailers, this frequently entails a customer checking out with fewer goods after wearing the remainder over their own apparel.

What is the most stolen item from Target?

An employee of the Walnut Creek Target store told The Standard that on average, they witness about 10 thefts every day, with footwear and clothing among the most often taken products. It occurs rather regularly. They typically get away with it because security can’t touch them, the employee claimed.

Where are most stolen goods sold?

What stores sell stolen goods? In order to profit, burglars and thieves frequently steal valuables. The most frequent locations to find recovered stolen goods are pawn shops. However, selling stolen products online on platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist is becoming more and more common.

The Easiest Stores to Shoplift From (2024)
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