Top 50 Websites of Pakistan (2024)

Top-50 Websites of Pakistan

Here is a list of Top-50 Most Popular Pakistani websites. These are the 50 most popular Pakistani websites. This list does not include all the websites which are popular in Pakistan but only includewebsites which are developed in Pakistan, by Pakistanis or for Pakistanis. So that's why you will not find many popular website names e.g. Facebook in this list.However, some worldwide websites have country-specific domain for different countries e.g. so if a website has a .pk domain for Pakistan and that specific website with a .pk domain name is also popular in Pakistan then this website will be considered for ranking here.This list is based on many factors and Alexa rank is one of these.

Top 50 Websites of Pakistan (1)
Top-50 Pakistani Websites
Top-12 Pakistani Bloggers with Highest Online Income

Google is on #1. It is the most visited website in Pakistan. People visited this website to make Pakistan oriented searches. Google also offer searches in the Urdu language. You can read the news, watch videos of programs and also watch live Geo TV.

It is the most popular Free Classified Ads website and is on #2. It is a portal type ads website. This website is categorized by regions, cities and ad types. You can search and post free ads to sell and buy things.

The online edition of Daily Jang is on #3. It is the most popular Urdu newspaper of Pakistan. Read news, articles, reviews and columns online.

Geo TV Channels are also owned by Jang Group.

The online edition of Daily Express Newspaper is on #4. You can read full newspaper of all editions (Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi) of Daily Express. You can also read old newspapers on this website.

Express News and Express Entertainment TV Channels belonged to this group. is the 5th most popular Pakistani website of Pakistan. You can read the news, watch programs and also can watch live GEO TV.

It is Pakistan’s most popular website for jobs, employment and recruitment. You can post your CV, find jobs and apply online through this web portal. Companies can also post jobs, search potential workers and hire online.

This is a news website. News is in the English language. The Express Tribune presents the latest Pakistani news about politics, showbiz, business, sports and lifestyle. You can also post classified ads and search for jobs.

HafeezCenter is also a famous classifieds website but it mainly deals with electronics items; Computers, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Cameras, UPS and Generators. They also offer discounts on various products under power deals section. This website has various independent websites for all the major cities of Pakistan. These cities specific websites are hosted on subdomains.

This classified website emphases on sell and buy ads for cars, motorbikes and other vehicles. While mobiles, computers and properties are also listed on Design of this website is more user-friendly as compared to other classified websites of Pakistan.

It is a very popular website among unemployed people of Pakistan. They surf this website to browse newspapers ads. They have a database of ads of many newspapers e.g. Jang, Express, Dawn, Nawa-e-Waqt, News, Nation etc. Ads of Jobs, Admissions and Tenders are today and previous newspapers are available on this website.

This is the official website of the English Daily Dawn Newspaper. It is comprehensive news website which covers each and every Pakistani news e.g. Latest News, Breaking News, World News, Business News, Science and Technology, Entertainment News, Sports News, Cricket, South Asia News etc. Dawn group has also its News TV Channel.

News in Urdu is also presented in a separate section of this website.

Hamari Web is a very well designed online portal. It has lot more to offer its visitors from News to Interesting Stories, Cricket to Weather, Urdu Search to Chatting, Online TV to Games, Videos to Funny Images, Directory, Dictionary, Shopping, Web Hosting and much more. They also offer you to create your own personalized web page with them free.

Zem TV is a website for the collection of Pakistani videos. Watch TV Shows, Talk Shows and Political Scandals. You can also watch live Pakistani TV Channels. Visitors can also submit their videos.

This is the most visited mobile phone related website of Pakistan. Specifications and prices of mobile phones are given on this website but the prices of many mobiles are not correct ant outdated. People often use this website to sell and buy used mobile phones.

The News is the English Newspaper of Jang Group and its website is on 15th number. News categorized in various subcategories. Latest News and Top Stories are featured on the home page.

ProPakistani is the most popular blog in Pakistan. This blog mainly covers Telecom, IT and Politics News. is the most popular forum of Pakistan and overall it stands on 17th position in Pakistan. People mainly discuss Pakistani politics on this forum.

This is the official website of the Virtual University of Pakistan. This is an online university and students use this website to get in contact with the university. They get lectures and ask questions to their teachers online via this website. They submit their quizzes and assignments online. Every student has its unique user area where he can access to be updated about his learning activities.

Listen and download Pakistani and Indian Songs, Ghazals, Movie Songs and Bhangra Songs etc. You can also read reviews of the latest movies here.

Website of Dunya News TV Channel is on number 20. You can watch Dunya TV online or listen to audio only of these programs. You can also watch videos of Dunya TV Programs. Dunya TV also presented many entertainment programs; Hasb-e-Haal, Butt Tameezian…

Travian is an online multiplayer strategy game. As a player, you can build your own empire. Travian is one of the most popular browser games in the world. Other countries have their own country-specific domain names for a website of this game.

It is a Jobs website; a destination for job seekers and a perfect HR solution for companies in Pakistan. offers an online job search. Job Seekers and Employers have separate sections.

It is a favorite educational website. It has colleges, universities, programs, admissions, educational news, jobs, test preparation, photos, videos, directories…

Shophive is Pakistan’s premier online shopping portal for mobiles, laptops, cameras, LCDs, projectors, home appliances, gadgets, printers, home electronic appliances, electronics, car audio, DVD audio video and many other things. You can pay money at the time of receiving gadgets.

Pakistan Hotline is one of the most popular blogs of Pakistan. People visit this weblog to read latest and trending IT and politics news about Pakistan. You can also comment on posts and articles.

Home Shopping is another online shop. It has a wide variety of products, you can order online without paying in advance. You will pay money at the time of receiving your parcel from courier service at your doorstep. Their rates and customer support is superb.

Telenor is a GSM-based mobile phone service provider. This website provides tariff and packages details and online Telenor account maintenance.

Ufone is a PTCL owned mobile phone service provider and this is its official website.

Official website of Warid Telecom, a mobile phone service provider.

Read online Daily Nawa-i-Waqt newspaper. It is published from three cities; Lahore, Karachi and Multan and you can read all these editions on this website.

This is a website of Samaa News TV Channel.

This is the official website of National Testing Service which held various types of tests for students, universities and other departments. NAT and GAT are two very popular tests in Pakistan. These tests assess the talent, aptitude and caliber of students.

Wi-Tribe is a wireless broadband company in big cities of Pakistan. You can order products, pay bills, see packages and coverage map of wi-tribe on this website.

Website of Daily Nation Newspaper stands on 34th position in Pakistan.

PKNIC administrates Pakistan Specific TLD .pk domain name including registration and DNS for .pk domains.

This is a website for forex market of Pakistan. It provides an open market; interbank and international currency rates and gold rates. There is also an online currency converter.

This is the official website of Pakistan Telecommunication Limited. View the latest packages of PTCL and PTCL news. You can also get customer support of PTCL through this website.

It is the most popular fashion and style website in Pakistan. It has the latest beauty, style, fitness, fashion, health and lifestyle articles and news.

It is the most popular web hosting and designing website of Pakistan. It offers domain registration, web hosting, web developing and reseller hosting services in Pakistan. A dedicated team is running this website.

Khabrain Group is also one of the largest newsgroups of Pakistan. Daily Khabrain newspaper and Channel 5 News TV Channel are part of this group.

Read Urdu news on this website.

This website provides games related stuff and news to Pakistanis.

It is an English news website of Pakistan.

Urdu Point is an online source of Urdu News, Urdu Newspapers, Urdu Poetry and many more things in the Urdu language.

IT Dunya is an IT related Urdu forum for Pakistanis.

This is a popular forum mainly about Pakistani Defense, political, geopolitical and world issues. This forum stands on 45th position.

This is a Pakistani Forum for gup-shup, Lollywood movies, showbiz, songs and dramas.

Symbios is one of the top online shops. You can buy online from this website. Thousands of products are available.

Lahori Mela is a fun website for showbiz news, sports and educational news, Islam and events in Lahore and Pakistan. is an online shop. You can buy mobiles, laptops, tablets, printers, LCDs, Gaming Consoles, scanners and projectors on this website.

It is a Yellow Pages trade directory of Pakistan. Anyone can search for businesses or find businesses by category. You can also search PTCLs 2006 directory. You can find companies and persons or can find phone numbers of persons and companies by entering names.

Some Facts about This List

There are some interesting points related to this list of 50 top Pakistani Websites. These facts will help us to analyze the interests and trends of Pakistani internet users; what they like the most and what they don't like.

  • 13 out of 50 websites are of popular Pakistani print or electronic news media.
  • This list includes 4 classified websites.
  • This list includes 2 websites about jobs andemployment.
  • Two websites about games, 1 about fashion and 1 about songs are included in this list.
  • There are 3 education related websites including a university's website.
  • 4 websites in this list offer online shopping.
  • 5 websites are of telecom companies.
  • There are also 2 websites about web hosting and domain registration.
  • 10 websites from this list are either fully in Urdu language or offer partial content in Urdu.
Top 50 Websites of Pakistan (2024)


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