11 Best Fabric Conditioners in Philippines 2022 - Top Brands (2024)

For many years, fabric conditioner has been a staple in the laundry room. Yet there has recently been discussion on the best ways to utilize the conditioner. Look no further than fabric conditioner if you want that lingering fresh-laundry scent and want your garments to feel fluffy and silky.

You may make a big impact by adding a fabric conditioner to your wash, which is a quick and easy process. You might be surprised to learn that applying fabric conditioner has a lot of advantages besides giving your garments a pleasant scent.

More than your clothes could benefit from fabric conditioner. No more crooked jumpers or uneven t-shirts. Have a look at these fantastic fabric conditioners that are available in the Philippines!

11 Best Fabric Conditioners in Philippines 2022 - Top Brands

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Best overall fabric conditioner

Downy Antibac Fabric Conditioner


11 Best Fabric Conditioners in Philippines 2022 - Top Brands (1)

Check Downy Antibac Fabric Conditioner price below:

Lazada PhilippinesShopee Philippines

add_circleHas an anti-bacterial formula

add_circleFragrance from micro-capsules

add_circleMakes your clothes soft

add_circleSuitable for all washing machines

remove_circleMight need to use more compared to other formulas

Why It’s Our Top Pick

When you are dressed in freshly laundered, silky, fragrant, clean garments, nothing can make you feel less confident. Fortunately, if you have the correct fabric conditioner, washing your clothes is a breeze. With the help of Downy Antibac, materials lose their static charge, becoming softer and smoother to the touch.

Another thing is that it has a refillable container to reduce plastic waste. If you are looking for a more affordable version of this, it is also available in smaller sizes!

The Downy Anti-Bacterial fabric conditioner destroys up to 99.9% of germs while combating strong, unpleasant odors. It is an 800ml fabric conditioner in a refillable container.

Key Ingredients

A blossoming antibacterial layer is infused into the fibers of your garments. by a specific combination of scented oils, preventing odors from escaping from your clothing and ensuring all-day freshness.


Try this antibacterial fabric conditioner from Downy if you want to find a solution to prevent hazardous microorganisms from remaining on the fabric of the clothing. It provides the finest value for keeping your garments smooth, odor-free, and bacterium-free.

Why Buy This

Your regular clothing will feel softer and smell incredibly fresh with just a little Downy Concentrate. Additionally, it makes ironing much simpler and even aids in wrinkle reduction.

Much longer-lasting freshness with only a little Downy Concentrate.

Best-rated fabric softener

Gain Fabric Softener 1.53L

11 Best Fabric Conditioners in Philippines 2022 - Top Brands (4)

Check Gain Fabric Softener 1.53L price below:

Lazada PhilippinesShopee Philippines

add_circleDesigned for Standard and HE machines

add_circleWith Oxi boost

add_circleInfused with aroma boost fragrance

remove_circlePricey compared to other detergents

This 4.08L fab con product from Gain may be used to treat and soften a wide range of clothing. A complete detergent that gives the dress a fantastic clean and pleasant aroma.

Key Ingredients

Aside from the product's enormous volume, it also has a very potent concentration that, with only a few drops, may help remove static electricity from clothes.


It has AromaboostTM technology, which ensures a week's worth of freshness. Additionally, the ultra-concentrated recipe in this refillable bottle may hold up to 204 wash loads, which further increases the product's affordability.

Why Buy This

Due to their massive need for fabric conditioner formulae, laundry businesses also benefit greatly from using this product. This recipe is the best option if you want to make your clothing feel and look dapper while keeping them smelling fresh all day.

Best fabric conditioner for sensitive skin

Plantex Green Fabric Conditioner

11 Best Fabric Conditioners in Philippines 2022 - Top Brands (7)

Check Plantex Green Fabric Conditioner price below:

Lazada PhilippinesShopee Philippines



add_circleFresh fragrance with anti-bac

remove_circleAvailable in limited sizes

Plantex Green Fabric Conditioner is a cutting-edge product that softens clothing ideal for sensitive skin. This one-gallon fabric conditioner prolongs the aroma of freshness.

Key Ingredients

The Plantex Green Fabric Conditioner employs elements sourced from nature to condition clothes. This produces a fabric softener that gives garments a silky, pleasant scent.


Due to its antibacterial qualities, it not only softens your garments but also disinfects them, making them completely safe and non-toxic. It is more environmentally friendly because all of the components are taken from natural sources.

Why Buy This

Since no chemicals have been added to the formulation, it is suitable for sensitive skin. You may have soft clothing that is disinfected and smells beautiful with this organic fab con after just one wash.

Best fabric conditioner with a long-lasting smell

Comfort Fabric Conditioner

11 Best Fabric Conditioners in Philippines 2022 - Top Brands (10)

Check Comfort Fabric Conditioner price below:

Lazada PhilippinesShopee Philippines

add_circleRetains vibrant color of clothes

add_circleLong-lasting smell

add_circleMakes your clothes smooth

remove_circleNot widely available in retailers

Try this specific Comfort product if you're seeking an excellent con solution that will soften your garments while still preserving their brilliant color.

Key Ingredients

Your clothing is taken care of so that it becomes brighter, softer, and fresher with Comfort Fabric Conditioner! With cutting-edge triple care technology, your clothing will gain in color, keep its shape, and smell good for a long time.


This ground-breaking solution can keep the garment's color and restore its vibrancy to like-new levels. Additionally, it aids in keeping the fabric's form for a polished, brand-new appearance. Furthermore, it stops himulmol, encouraging a supple, cozy, and skin-friendly connection with the clothing.

Why Buy This

Additionally, despite intense perspiration, its aroma lasts longer, making it the ideal washing partner for the nation's hot, muggy tropical climate.

Best-smelling fabric conditioner

Del Lavander Breeze - Set of 2

11 Best Fabric Conditioners in Philippines 2022 - Top Brands (13)

Check Del Lavander Breeze - Set of 2 price below:

Lazada PhilippinesShopee Philippines

add_circleInfused with fragrant pearls

add_circleAvailable in different variants

add_circleMakes your clothes soft

remove_circleHas to be stored properly or might affect its performance

Talk about a fresh scent all day with this aromatic fabric conditioner from Del. It has a perfume that is similar to when you've just gotten out of the shower.

Key Ingredients

The composition contains Del's fragrance pearls, a unique technology that is embedded deeply into the fibers of the cloth and releases a burst of fresh smell.


Your clothing receives extra special care with Del Fabric Softener as the last stage in the laundry process: a hint of softness and a blast of scent. It entails providing your family the additional love and attention they merit. Del offers a variety of extraordinarily fragrant fabric softeners that leave your clothes smelling great for a very long time.

Why Buy This

All it takes to release gigil-bango smell that can linger till nightfall on your garments is a quick massage, motion, or touch. Your clothes will stay soft, fresh-smelling, and himulmol-free with the help of this fabric conditioner, which is available in a 1L volume.

Best fabric conditioners for babies

Tiny Buds Fabric Softener

11 Best Fabric Conditioners in Philippines 2022 - Top Brands (16)

Check Tiny Buds Fabric Softener price below:

Lazada PhilippinesShopee Philippines

add_circleBest for kids and sensitive skin

add_circleMild and calming fragrance

add_circleSoft and fluffy clothes

remove_circleCan be pricey compared to other fab con

You may wash your child's garments without risk with Tiny Buds' fabric conditioner. This fabric conditioner keeps them smelling good.

Key Ingredients

Made with plant-based ingredients, Tiny Buds Natural Fabric Softener for Babies leaves baby's clothing, linens, and laundry feeling soft and fluffy to the touch. This product also offers a sweet honey scent for a baby’s gentle smell.


It is also safe to use for those with sensitive skin as there are no additional preservatives. Additionally, it does not stain white clothing items and is devoid of silicone, dyes, and colorants for a fabric finish that is always fresh.

Why Buy This

Because it comes in a range of sizes, you don't have to worry about spending a lot of money on a fantastic con that keeps your clothes smelling nice. Get this environmentally safe and biodegradable formula for your and your baby's clothing.

Best fabric conditioner with antibacterial

Champion Fabric Conditioner

11 Best Fabric Conditioners in Philippines 2022 - Top Brands (19)

Check Champion Fabric Conditioner price below:

Lazada PhilippinesShopee Philippines


add_circleHas antibacterial shield

add_circleLong-lasting fragrance

remove_circleNo warranty

Champion is available in a variety of forms to meet the unique requirements of various clients, including regular, antibacterial, natural for sensitive hands, and powder with fabric conditioner.

Key Ingredients

Champion Fabric Conditioner has a formulation that goes above and beyond cleaning, spot removal, and whitening. Most of the products are floral scents, a soothing smell for your garments.


It keeps clothing colors bright and has a high cleaning active ingredient concentration - stain removal and whitening with fabric conditioner. This fabric conditioner will not affect your delicate skin. It also speeds up the rinsing process, conserving water.

Why Buy This

This is the fabric conditioner for you if you want one that is not only inexpensive but also has a lasting aroma, antibacterial strength, and a one-rinse composition. Why buy an expensive one when you may have one more reasonable with better or at least comparable quality?

Best fabric conditioners for the rainy season

Surf Fabric Conditioner Charcoal Fresh 1.5L


11 Best Fabric Conditioners in Philippines 2022 - Top Brands (22)

Check Surf Fabric Conditioner Charcoal Fresh 1.5L price below:

Lazada PhilippinesShopee Philippines

add_circleCan be dried even with no direct sunlight

add_circleLong-lasting fragrance

add_circleKeeps clothes look new


This fab con has the ability to keep our clothes smelling fresh for a longer amount of time. Surf has grown to be one of the most dependable laundry solutions in the Philippines.

Key Ingredients

Surf Laundry Fabric Conditioner Charcoal Fresh is the smart solution for your laundry needs. It keeps garments soft and perfect for wet seasons while leaving a long-lasting aroma on them. This fabric softener, which was specially created with the POWER OF CHARCOAL, keeps clothes smelling fresh even when there isn't any direct sunshine.


Due to the perfume capsules in this formula, the flowery smell may be preserved for up to 14 days.

Why Buy This

With the use of Sun Bloom TechnologyTM, this specific fabric conditioner helps you accomplish a speedy drying process while also keeping your clothing irresistibly soft. Heat is the key to this unique formulation's effectiveness since it causes your garments to smell strongly like flowers. It is therefore the finest option for our climate.

Best fabric conditioners for automatic washing machine

Blest Fabric Conditioner

11 Best Fabric Conditioners in Philippines 2022 - Top Brands (25)

Check Blest Fabric Conditioner price below:

Lazada PhilippinesShopee Philippines


add_circleNo harmful chemicals

add_circleBest both in handwash and washing machine

remove_circleLimited sizes

Several toxic compounds are bad for our bodies. Some chemicals merely weaken our immune systems, give us migraines, and degrade the quality of our air, that's why Blest Natural Plant-Based Cleaners were created.

Key Ingredients

The production of all raw materials is eco-certified. Additionally, it is devoid of petrochemical components and raw materials derived from animals and comprises natural and plant-based substances.


Looking for a natural approach to treat and soften your household fabrics? We will compensate you with this biodegradable fabric from Blest. The product boasts a gentle composition that is both excellent in removing static cling and suitable for persons with sensitive skin.

Why Buy This

Additionally, it contains organic lavender oil, which releases a relaxing aroma that is natural and fresh without overpowering or irritating the olfactory nerve. Additionally, the product has received accreditation from Ecogarantie, assuring you that you are utilizing a completely natural and plant-based recipe.

Best fabric conditioners for hard water

11 Best Fabric Conditioners in Philippines 2022 - Top Brands (28)

Check Personal Collection SOF & MMMM Fabric Conditioner price below:

Lazada PhilippinesShopee Philippines

add_circleAvailable in different retailers


add_circleCan be used for indoor drying

remove_circleThe limited time of protection when in use

Through its dealership network, the direct-selling business Personal Collection offers high-quality items as well as employment opportunities.

Key Ingredients

Perfumed Micro Crystals that stay in the fabric and release the embedded scent gradually throughout the day are employed in its formulation. The composition contains Del's fragrance pearls, a unique technology that is embedded deeply into the fibers of the cloth and releases a burst of fresh smell.


Sof is now offered in biodegradable packaging and has a seductive premium vanilla scent that can linger for up to two weeks (when clothes are kept inside the cabinet after drying).

Why Buy This

The odor-fighting ability gets rid of many offensive odors. It features soft fibers that stop clothes from wrinkling, fading, and straining.

Best fabric conditioners for towels

Vernel Fabric Conditioner

11 Best Fabric Conditioners in Philippines 2022 - Top Brands (31)

Check Vernel Fabric Conditioner price below:

Lazada PhilippinesShopee Philippines


add_circleEliminates bacteria, fungi, and viruses

add_circleRefillable container

remove_circleLimited sizes

With the tagline "Fighting dry stiffness," Vernel made its debut in 1969, beginning the company's existence. Henkel eliminated harsh and hard laundry to give its customers a gentle laundry experience.

Key Ingredients

Vernel Anti-Microbial Fabric Conditioner Wild Rose pampers your clothes and senses with its highly concentrated solution.


After each wash, the product's Microshield compound is activated, eliminating perspiration, odor-causing bacteria, and other substances. The outcome? All day long, clean and good-smelling traces of seductive Wild Rose fragrance are left behind by freshly-scented clothing.

Why Buy This

The ecologically friendly composition of Vernel also makes ironing garments simpler and quicker. Your clothing always has a clean, fresh look.

What is a Fabric Conditioner?

A fabric conditioner sometimes referred to as a fabric softener, is a typical laundry chemical used to help keep your clothes fluffy, fragrant, and smooth. Similar to how conditioner may be used on hair to enhance its feel, conditioner is sometimes thought of as upkeep for your clothing. When washing by hand or adding to the washing machine drawer, fabric conditioners can also be used in the washing machine.

Uses and Advantages of Using a Fabric Conditioner

The advantages of fabric conditioners are numerous, and you can take advantage of all of them and more by utilizing a high-quality product line like Comfort. Just as its name implies, fabric conditioner is only a concentrated or potent version of the original product. Comfort created its selection of concentrated product solutions to provide its customers with some more fabric softener.

How to use a Fabric Conditioner?

Fabric conditioner belongs in the detergent drawer section with a floral symbol on front-load washing machines. For our favorite fabric conditioner, measure out the necessary quantity and put it in the drawer before starting the wash. Use it for hand washing after using detergent and water rinse.

Best Fabric Conditioner Brands in the Philippines

A common laundry chemical called fabric conditioner helps keep towels fluffy and garments supple. You must thus research the top fabric conditioner brands available in the Philippines!

Downy - has added softness, freshness, and other fabric benefits to countless loads of laundry for more than 50 years. Because everyone wants the style to last longer than the fabric and for our garments to feel and smell wonderful all day long.

Del - Your clothing receives extra special care with Del Fabric Softener as the last stage in the laundry process: a hint of softness and a blast of scent. It entails providing your family the additional love and attention they merit.

Personal Collection (Sof) - Personal Collection was founded to improve Filipinos' quality of life via compassion, or what the business refers to as Malasakit.

Surf - Unilever produces and markets Surf, a British brand of laundry detergent, all over the world. They also offer fabric conditioners that are affordable.

Tiny Buds - Family-owned and female-led, Tiny Buds was established in 2009 with just one product. With more than 50 cutting-edge natural infant care needs currently available, Tiny Buds is a pioneer in incorporating natural components into baby care.

Fabric Conditioner Price Range in the Philippines

Fabric Conditioner costs from Php159 to Php1,274 usually per bottle or container. Sachets are also available for 6 pesos. The price range may differ based on the brand, where it is manufactured, and its special features like being organic.

Where to Buy Fabric Conditioners in the Philippines?

There are several alternatives to fabric conditioners available in the Philippines, both online and even in tiny shops. Numerous internet retailers provide a range of prices, authenticated reviews, and reliable suppliers. Two of the most well-liked online stores in the Philippines to purchase this fabric softener are Shopee and Lazada.


Natural fibers like cotton and wool are placed under a lot of strain during machine washing. The fabric's surface has torn and squished fibers. The cloth feels rough against your skin after you have dried your washing. Your laundry will feel soft and cozy if you use a fabric conditioner. Additionally, fabric softeners lessen friction between fibers. Your clothing lasts longer if there is less static cling. Take one of these top fabric conditioners that are sold in the Philippines, then!

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