13 Fonts Similar to Copperplate (2024)

In this article, we will give you an overview of the popular Copperplate font. And if you are wondering which fonts are similar to the Copperplate font, we have a selection of 13 font alternatives you can use as a substitute for the typeface.

History of the Copperplate Font

The Copperplate font was designed by American designer and printer Frederic W. Goudy. The typeface was released by the American Type Founders (ATF) in 1901, and it is an all capital letters font, which looks like a sans-serif at first glance, but it actually embodies very small serifs, thus it's technically classified as a semi-serif font.

Copperplate was primarily designed for the purpose of headings and key words of text, so that's why only capital letters were created. Looking at it, you will notice the Copperplate typeface reflects a mix of influences. First, it has subtle, distinctive serif glyphs that exhibit engraving-like features, with stress on the bold vertical and horizontal strokes. It also displays a wide horizontal axis similar to Victorian display types. Combining the two styles the font showcases a bold feel, legibility, classiness, and clean font impression.

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About the Copperplate Typeface

Copperplate is a display typeface, with a large family of styles and weights and an extended family of fonts. The font family includes Copperplate Regular, Light, Bold, Condensed Light, Condensed Bold, Copperplate Gothic Bold, and Light.

It is a very distinctive font which gives the text a serious, engraved feel. Copperplate's delicate serifs feel sturdy, and the refined look makes it an ideal typeface for attention-grabbing headlines, posters, presentations, or logos. However, do keep in mind that when small font sizes are applied to a body of text, Copperplate becomes hard to read. The font embraces support for multiple languages.

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About Copperplate Gothic Font

One of the Copperplate typeface's most noted fonts is Copperplate Gothic, which includes nine variations:

  1. Copperplate Gothic Pro 29 AB
  2. Copperplate Gothic Pro 29 BC
  3. Copperplate Gothic Pro 30 AB
  4. Copperplate Gothic Pro 30 BC
  5. Copperplate Gothic Pro 31 AB
  6. Copperplate Gothic Pro 31 BC
  7. Copperplate Gothic Pro 32 AB
  8. Copperplate Gothic Pro 32 BC
  9. Copperplate Gothic Pro 33 BC

The Copperplate Gothic font family names AB and BC refer to the cap-and-small-cap size combination relationship of its capitals and small capitals. Today, the Copperplate Gothic font, which is often also referred to as Gothic, has a larger advertising appeal as well as magazine production. It is the perfect typeface for professional projects because of its professional appearance.

Copperplate Gothic was classically seen etched onto the glass of restaurants, banks, and law offices, but the demand for the font has changed over the years, and now it is often used for advertisem*nts, corporate design, business cards, website logos, letterheads, stationery, and other numerous platforms.

There is no license limitation to Copperplate Gothic, so you can use it for personal as well as commercial work.

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Fonts Similar to Copperplate Gothic Font

What font is similar to Copperplate Gothic? We looked for the characteristics of the popular font and found ten great fonts similar to Copperplate, available on Envato Elements. We are looking at fonts that look conventionally gothic, with an engraver's feel and with minute serifs.

1. Coldiac ( OTF, TTF)

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When you're looking for fonts like Copperplate Gothic, Coldiac is an excellent choice. It is a modern-day luxury font family with distinctive features similar to Copperplate. Notice the all-caps font, thin wedged serifs, and the slightly square-like shapes of round characters which emphasize a business-like nature. This classy display font looks great in a small point size, and also when it is used in large text, which makes it great for logos, quotes, posters, brands, stationery, design titles, blog headers, and more.

2. Mories Luxerie (OTF,TTF)

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If you're looking for a different take on the Copperplate aesthetic, check out this font duo. It's definitely one of those fonts that look good in all caps. Introducing the minimalist Mories Luxerie, an elegant, display sans & serif font duo which is perfect for multipurpose design templates, brochures, videos, advertising, branding, logos, and more. It includes multilingual character support, punctuation, and numbers.

3. Mourich (OTF)

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Mourich is an elegant serif font with two styles: one of minimalistic design and the other with beautiful ligatures, stylish swashes, and alternates. Similar to the Gothic Copperplate font, Mourich is an all-caps font, with small capitals that are recommended for headline or logo design. It is suitable in large or small point text size.

4. Giveny (OTF,TTF)

13 Fonts Similar to Copperplate (19)13 Fonts Similar to Copperplate (20)13 Fonts Similar to Copperplate (21)

The Giveny font is quite visibly similar to Copperplate. It is a classy crafted serif font with distinctive features of low-contrast strokes and slightly squarish shaped and round characters with an etched feel. Giveny is suitable for logo designs, name cards, stationery, greeting cards, quotes, posters, branding, titles, blog headers, and most design projects.

5. Qualey (OTF,TTF)

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Qualey is a great Copperplate condensed font alternative. It's an elegantly condensed all-caps serif font with a modern style. It features condensed and high-contrast strokes, pointed-pen sans serifs, and sharp characters, as well as several interesting ligatures.

This font aesthetic often pairs really well with business designs, photography, logos, and branding, although it's also suitable for any trendy design purpose.

6. Gamour (OTF,TTF)

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This minimal and modern serif font family has a close resemblance to the Copperplate typeface. Gamour has similar proportions to the original Copperplate typeface, featuring low-contrast strokes, business-like simplicity, and all-caps characters with many font weights, from thin to bold, each with its own italic version.

Gamour also features several interesting ligatures, which makes it a great choice for book designs, wedding fonts, or any purpose to enhance your design.

7. Aaron (OTF,TTF,WOFF)

13 Fonts Similar to Copperplate (28)13 Fonts Similar to Copperplate (29)13 Fonts Similar to Copperplate (30)

At first glance, you might not choose the Aaron Font Family as a substitute for the Copperplate font, but if you compare the glyphs to Copperplate Gothic bolder weights, there is a resemblance to the font style. Aaron is a modern serif font with multilingual support, and it looks good in large and small sizes.

Try Aaron for trendy wedding invitations, magazine headers, branding projects, homeware designs, or as a simple stylish text overlay to any background image.

8. Giveaway (TTF,OTF,WOFF)

13 Fonts Similar to Copperplate (31)13 Fonts Similar to Copperplate (32)13 Fonts Similar to Copperplate (33)

Giveaway is another of those fonts that look good in all caps. A beautifully stylish serif typeface, it has that wide and classy shape similar to the Copperplate Gothic Light font. The font is multilingual and includes a full set of uppercase & lowercase letters, numerals, and punctuation.

Giveaway is a perfect choice for creating wedding invites, quotes, Instagram posts, brand designs, titles, and more. One of those fonts like Copperplate Gothic you should have in your font library

9. Delaproza (OTF/TTF)

13 Fonts Similar to Copperplate (34)13 Fonts Similar to Copperplate (35)13 Fonts Similar to Copperplate (36)

Delaproza works well if you are looking for a Copperplate font alternative, similar to Copperplate Condensed Light. A modern serif font, Delaproza is an all-caps feminine-style display font which includes multilingual support, numerals, and punctuation. It is perfect for logos, design templates, corporate design, brochures, and more.

10. Klausen (OTF,TTF, WOFF)

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When it comes to choosing an all-caps font with old-style figures, Klausen is a carefully crafted font alternative to gothic Copperplate font in light weight. Klausen is a modern, stylish serif font that was designed for headers and titles. It features two styles, regular and thick, and it includes multilingual support.

Other Alternatives to Copperplate Fonts

Let's explore another selection of fonts similar to Copperplate fonts, which can be found on GraphicRiver. These substitute fonts are high-quality, well designed, and not as familiar or frequently used as the popular Copperplate font. Have a look and try updating the appearance of your design projects with these alternative choices to create a unique style!

1. Georgia Ballpark (OTF)

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While being a font duo, the Georgia Ballpark modern serif font has a similar feel to the classic Copperplate font, with its thin serifs, all caps, and slightly engraved look. This font supports multilingual characters, numbers, and symbols, with various ligatures.

2. Lusican (OTF)

13 Fonts Similar to Copperplate (43)13 Fonts Similar to Copperplate (44)13 Fonts Similar to Copperplate (45)

This type family has a similar feel to Copperplate, and it features lowercase and uppercase characters in equal height, which makes it look like an all-caps font. Lusican is a stylish and modern calligraphy font with special ligatures that's great for branding and wedding invites.

3. Bianca (TTF, OTF, WOFF, WOFF2)

13 Fonts Similar to Copperplate (46)13 Fonts Similar to Copperplate (47)13 Fonts Similar to Copperplate (48)

Bianca is a nice modern and luxurious all-caps serif font. It is thinner in appearance than the Copperplate typeface, yet minimalistic and classic, which makes it a great choice for posters, magazines, monograms, logos, editorial design, and more. Bianca features multilingual support, uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

13 Fonts Similar to Copperplate (2024)


Is Copperplate serif or sans serif? ›

Copperplate is like a sans-serif typeface – its maker even called it Gothic – with serifs. The vertical and horizontal stroke weights are very like a sans-serif typeface, yet the terminus of each stroke is affixed with a standard serif.

Is copperplate font free? ›

Copperplate font is a sans-serif typeface that is a large and extended family of typefaces.
Font Information.
NameCopperplate Font
Date Released1901
LicenseFree for Personal Use
TypeFree Version
4 more rows

Is Copperplate a serif font? ›

Tiny serifs lend Copperplate Gothic a distinctive feel. The design captures both the sturdiness of a sans serif, as well as the elegance of typefaces with serifs.
Fixed pitchFalse
7 more rows
30 Mar 2022

Is Roundhand the same as Copperplate? ›

Copperplate, or English Roundhand, is a style of calligraphic writing, using a sharp pointed nib instead of the flat nib used in most calligraphic writing. Its name comes from the fact that the copybooks from which students learned it was printed from etched copper plates.

What is the difference between Roundhand and Copperplate? ›

Scribes tried to keep up with the engravers by using finer and finer points on their already flexible quills, leading to the pointed pen scripts. The gradual changes in letterforms, distinct from cancelleresca, was at the time called roundhand, but later was named copperplate. So both are the same thing.

What type of font is Copperplate Gothic? ›

Copperplate Gothic is a typeface designed by Frederic W. Goudy and released by American Type Founders (ATF) in 1901. While termed a "Gothic" (another term for sans-serif), the face has small glyphic serifs that act to emphasize the blunt terminus of vertical and horizontal strokes.

What font is most like calligraphy? ›

In the article below, we have found 60 of the best free calligraphy fonts to download and use to bring charm to your designs.
  1. Alex brush. Classic brush style calligraphy font with elegant and dramatic Caps. ...
  2. Allura regular. ...
  3. Arizonia. ...
  4. Balqis. ...
  5. Black jack. ...
  6. Blenda. ...
  7. Bolina. ...
  8. Sophia.
15 Jan 2016

What is the difference between Engrosser's script and Copperplate? ›

Consider that the capital 'S' seen in the word 'Script' (see Sample 2) was executed in four separate strokes. Therefore, a fundamental difference between traditional English roundhand (Copperplate) and Engrosser's script rests in the execution of the letters, i.e. handwriting versus drawing, respectively.

Whats the font that metal bands use? ›

Medieval blackletter text, also known as Old English or Gothic text has been borrowed by extreme metal bands as diverse as Black Sabbath and Behemoth, and across all of metal's myriad subgenres.

What is the best font for etching? ›

Here are some of the ideal choices for etching and engraving: Serif Fonts – some of the best options include Lucida hand, Monotype Corsiva, and English fonts. These have the stylish curlicues that make these look like calligraphy and give you the elegant styles that are commemorative of the early 1900s.

What font does Louis Vuitton use? ›

The Louis Vuitton logo design font name is “Intrepid.” As a result, this font stands out from the competition because of its unique and fantastic style. There are many exciting uses for this classy typeface. This typeface can be used for branding, logo design, fashion magazine quotes, and other creative designs.

What font do law schools use? ›

As a standard font for legal documents, Times New Roman (along with Arial and Helvetica) is one of the most commonly used fonts.

What font is Pottery Barn? ›

Font. The wordmark in all capitals is executed in a custom bold serif typeface, which is more likely based on Millar Condensed Bold font with its serifs elongated.

Can you use a fountain pen for copperplate? ›

Copperplate is typically written with an extremely flexible nib with which you manipulate the thickness or thinness of a stroke by applying and releasing pressure on the nib. Generally speaking, normal fountain pens do not have the flexibility to do this.

Can you write copperplate with a pencil? ›

In case you cannot get a dip pen and a pointed nib, you can always start practicing copperplate calligraphy using a pencil.

What angle should copperplate be? ›

Copperplate writing has a steep slope, typically 55 degrees from the horizontal. It can be hard to write at such a steep angle (especially if you are right-handed). This is why a right-handed calligrapher will often use an oblique pen holder, which will help the nib point at an angle close to the required 55 degrees.

Which pen is best for copperplate calligraphy? ›

Most Gillott pens are ideal for intermediate or advanced level calligraphers. Gillott 303 and 404 are exceptional nibs, which are ideal for copperplate beginners. The 303 is a pointed nib that is excellent for copperplate calligraphy.

What is an Engrosser? ›

Noun. engrosser (plural engrossers) One who copies a piece of writing in large, attractive characters. One who takes the whole; a purchaser of such quantities in a market as to raise the price; a forestaller.

What is the Palmer method of handwriting? ›

"Palmer's method involved 'muscle motion' in which the more proximal muscles of the arm were used for movement, rather than allowing the fingers to move in writing. In spite of opposition from the major textbook companies, this textbook enjoyed great success: in 1912, 1,000,000 copies were sold throughout the country.

What is a Celtic style font? ›

Gaelic type (sometimes called Irish character, Irish type, or Gaelic script) is a family of Insular script typefaces devised for printing Classical Gaelic. It was widely used from the 16th until the mid-18th century (Scotland) or the mid-20th century (Ireland) but is now rarely used.

What is a Edwardian font? ›

Edwardian is an ornate serif typeface designed by British type designer Colin Brignall in 1983. The design drew inspiration from the Edwardian period of the early twentieth century, hence its name.

What is the Rae Dunn font called? ›

The font used for Rae Dunn Font (the letters) she used in her pottery designs is similar to “Cami Rae” by CraftThings, and “The Skinny” by American designer Justine Lazo (Jusebox). A narrow, tall handwritten font style with smooth lines and rounded edges, making it look less “masculine”.

What are the three main types of calligraphy? ›

There are three main types of calligraphy: western, eastern, and Arabic. Each type reflects the language and handwriting of a different region of the world.

What is German Copperplate? ›

Copperplate is mould-made from Germany with 100% high alpha cellulose. It is neutral pH, chlorine/acid free with 4 natural deckled edges and medium textured surface. Copperplate has no surface sizing at all with very little internal sizing.

What is Engrossers script? ›

Engrosser's Script is a style of calligraphy that was developed and produced during the late 1800s and early 1900s in the United States of America. Its core characteristics are similar to its primary influence—a number of English handwriting variations known collectively as “English Roundhand”.

Who invented Copperplate engraving? ›

First copperplate engravings were created by goldsmiths and carried more exquisite images than the woodcuts. In the second half of 15th century professional painters started to work with copperplate engraving transforming it into a new genre of art.

What is the importance of Copperplate engraving? ›

Copperplate engraving became an important medium for book illustrations during this period. Lines were incised into a smooth metal plate; ink was pressed into these recessed lines; excess ink was wiped clean from the surface; and a sheet of paper was pressed onto the plate…

What font is closest to plates? ›

The FE-Schrift or Fälschungserschwerende Schrift ('forgery-impeding typeface') is a sans serif typeface introduced for use on licence plates. Its monospaced letters and numbers are slightly disproportionate to prevent easy modification and to improve machine readability.

What is the deathcore font? ›

Northen is the new font deathcore and black metal from Rvq typefoundry ,was created as a dual-purpose font To create the beautiful combination, just mix your words with the alternative glyphs and Ornament.

What is the death metal font called? ›

Nightcrow – Death Metal Font

This font is inspired by underground and metal music band logo styles. Night Crow is suitable for death metal music, underground, hardcore music, blackletter, death metal logo design, clothing, logos, music covers, posters, or other designs with the theme death metal.

What is the most popular font for engraving? ›

Best fonts for engraving
  • Times New Roman: A standard serif font for print, inscriptions in this font are easy to read. ...
  • Arial: A sans serif block letter option, Arial is softer than Times New Roman, but is still legible on smaller surfaces if you would like a more casual block option.

What font looks like engraving? ›

Cidrella Script: Elegant Calligraphic Typeface

This engraving font is perfect for creating elegant custom engraving on wooden mugs, trays, coasters, and other tableware.

What was Steve Jobs favorite font? ›

Finally, despite the fact that many have questioned Steve Jobs' choice of Helvetica as the default font of iOS, his idea of introducing fonts to the average user of technology had an immeasurable impact on the design community.

What font is used by Gucci? ›

The history of Gucci started in 1921 when this brand was incorporated. Granjon Roman, a sans-serif font, is an actual typeface applied to the Gucci logo.

What font does Tiffany use? ›

Sterling! Tiffany & Co. had a custom typeface made for their company by Hoefler Type Foundry. After I wrote this, I found another post stating that this is a logomark made by pentagram. Its occurred to me that Tiffany & Co.

What font does Saint Laurent use? ›

The Yves Saint Laurent font is Helvetica Neue Bold and the primary brand colors are black and white.

What font do colleges prefer? ›

Use a standard font such as Times New Roman or Arial to avoid distracting the reader from your college essay's content.

What is the most academic font? ›

Times New Roman is the standard choice for academic documents, and the thesis preparation guidelines of some universities stipulate its use.

What is the best legal font? ›

While there's no one “official” font style for legal documents, there are a few court-approved fonts that are considered most easily readable:
  • Arial.
  • Century (and Century-related fonts like Century Schoolbook)
  • Verdana.
  • Adobe Caslon Pro.
  • Adobe Sabon.

What is Trader Joe's font? ›

The font to use is Berlin Sans FB Demi in bold lettering, when writing TRADER JOE'S.

What font is used for Bath and Body Works? ›

Meaning and history

Built on three levels, the wordmark is executed in a traditional Helvetica font with fine straight lines of a sans-serif lettering.

What fonts are similar to Rockwell? ›

Rockwell Alternatives
  • Memphis. 10 styles. from $29.99.
  • Geometric Slabserif 703. 11 styles. from $29.99.
  • Venus Egyptienne. 2 styles. from $29.99.
  • Stymie. 6 styles. from $29.99.
  • Beton. 6 styles. from $29.99.
  • EF Stratford. 10 styles. from $35.
  • ITC Officina Serif. 10 styles. from $39.99.
  • EF Beton. 5 styles. from $35.

What font are California plates? ›

License Plate Font Specimens: Penitentiary Gothic (California)

What font is used on Victorian number plates? ›

These plates use the FE-Schrift font and look like German plates.

Which font is best for food? ›

Note: It is always recommended not to use more than 3 different font styles for your marketing designs.
  • Barbariska Rough2 Regular & Oblique. ...
  • Jonesy. ...
  • The Simply Sweet Font Duo. ...
  • Jelligun Hand-lettered Font. ...
  • Butcher and Block. ...
  • Clarkson Script. ...
  • Mela Pro. ...
  • Wacca.

Is there a font that looks like embroidery? ›

Hodgeson is a unique embroidery monogram fonts that comes in 4 styles. All of them with different alternates, ligatures, and typesettings. Hodgeson comes with heavy strokes and narrow-width monogram embroidery fonts, making it the top competitor in modern calligraphy fonts.

What font is most like Tiffany? ›

Browse our collection of fonts similar to ITC Tiffany
  • EF Garamont Amsterdam. 4 styles. from $44.
  • Henman. 5 styles. from $30.
  • Bachenas. 2 styles. from $30.
  • Haarlemmer. 6 styles. from $29.99.
  • Olympian. 4 styles. from $29.99.
  • ITC Jamille. 6 styles. from $29.99.
  • Times Ten. 4 styles. from $39.99.
  • Hadriano. 4 styles. from $29.99.

What angle should Copperplate be? ›

Copperplate writing has a steep slope, typically 55 degrees from the horizontal. It can be hard to write at such a steep angle (especially if you are right-handed). This is why a right-handed calligrapher will often use an oblique pen holder, which will help the nib point at an angle close to the required 55 degrees.

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