Style Guide: 14 Femboy Outfit Ideas (2024)

by Catherine Moreland June 13, 2022 2162 15 min read

Style Guide: 14 Femboy Outfit Ideas (1)

For a long time, the word femboy was used as a derogatory term. It described a category of men that liked to experiment with makeup and take female hormones. However, the term has gained more favorable vibes in recent years, similar to the socially accepted term metrosexual. In fact, nowadays, skirts, tight clothes, headbands, and nail polish are no longer only reserved for women.

As a result, if you have a feminine figure, it is much easier to wear what you like without the fear of being judged. And that’s where femboy outfits come in, redefining masculinity and pushing the boundaries of what people consider acceptable.

This article will introduce you to some of the most trendy femboy outfit ideas, so you can incorporate them into your style and nail that flawless feminine look.

14 Femboy Outfit Ideas

Generally speaking, the best femboy outfits include pieces of clothing like shorts, crop tops, skinny jeans, skirts, dresses, and bodysuits. Whether you are a stranger to femboy fashion or want to experiment with new ideas, here are some cute femboy outfits for you to try out.

1. Crop Top and Jeans

Style Guide: 14 Femboy Outfit Ideas (2)

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One of the easiest ways to feminize any look is to wear a crop top. Combine it with some whitewashed vintage jeans, like mummy or boyfriend jeans, and enjoy your new outfit. And make sure to choose a colorful crop top and also add a pair of white sneakers for the ultimate femboy look.

2. Skirt and Casual Tee

Style Guide: 14 Femboy Outfit Ideas (3)

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Can anybody truly consider themselves a femboy if they don’t have a plaid miniskirt? That’s because skirts can give anyone a feminine and cute look. But perhaps best of all, you can match them with almost any piece of clothing.

So, pair your favorite miniskirt with a casual tee, sweatshirt, or even a hoodie for a simple, but classy and cute femboy look. Just remember to combine this outfit with either sneakers, platforms, or knee-high or low boots.

3. Loose Pants and Crop Sweater

Style Guide: 14 Femboy Outfit Ideas (4)

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Cropped sweaters are certainly the cutest fashion innovation ever made. These super chic and adorable pieces of clothing are a must-have for every femboy. They go well with any bottom pieces, such as skirts, jeans, and pants.

However, most femboys prefer to mix crop sweaters with loose pants and sneakers or chunky boots for a casual yet highly feminine look.

4. Dress and Boots

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Dresses are statements of fashion, as they can make you feel like a red carpet celebrity. As a result, they are perfect for both casual and formal femboy outfits. Elegant and classy, this outfit is one of the easiest to create. All you need is a colored slip-on dress and a pair of black ankle boots, which will add an extra edge to the entire outfit.

5. Plain Floral or Fruity Patterns

Style Guide: 14 Femboy Outfit Ideas (6)

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Shirts that feature floral or fruity designs are not exclusively worn by women. As a matter of fact, stylish males can also rock them quite well too. However, there’s no denying that the feminine quality the patterns bring can elevate any femboy outfit.

When choosing a patterned shirt, go for strawberry or sunflower designs, as they will bring your femininity front and center without feeling too obnoxious.

6. Classy Suit and Skirt

Style Guide: 14 Femboy Outfit Ideas (7)

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Do you want to explore both your masculinity and femininity at the same time? Then you can do so by grabbing a skirt and a suit jacket. This simple combination is not only iconic but also eye-catching. You can even accessorize it with a fashionable hat, dazzling jewelry, and some cool boots or dress shoes.

Or, if you want more inspiration, just take a look at Billy Porter, who wore a black ball skirt and tuxedo to the 2019 Academy Awards and pulled off this look incredibly. Even Vin Diesel, who is a symbol of masculinity and strength, went to the MTV Awards wearing a gorgeous leather skirt.

7. Tank Top and Heels

Style Guide: 14 Femboy Outfit Ideas (8)

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More often than not, tank tops are a girl’s best friend, which is why they are also an integral part of every femboy’s wardrobe. No matter if you pair it with a skirt, leggings, skinny jeans, or pants, make sure that you also wear some bright-colored boots to make the outfit stand out.

When wearing this combo, you don’t have to worry about what you are going to do or say; just let your clothing do the talking.

8. Mesh Tops

Style Guide: 14 Femboy Outfit Ideas (9)

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Mesh tops are rarely out of fashion, which means that every femboy needs one in their possession. Sheer tops help you showcase your slim figure without revealing too much, creating an image of mystery and allure. In other words, they are classy, bougie, and just sexy enough.

Usually, mesh tops look best when worn on a fair, pale complexion. However, anyone can look great with this outfit, regardless of skin tone, as long as you also add some drop-down earrings, hanging necklaces, and chain belts. And when it comes to footwear, you can choose between sneakers, heeled boots, or even dress shoes.

9. Jumpsuits

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Jumpsuits are taking the world by storm time and time again, so you can’t afford to ignore this trend. And, since they have been considered gender-fluid pieces of clothing for a long time, jumpsuits are perfect for femboys.

But, when choosing your jumpsuit, try to avoid plain and dark-colored ones. This is your time to shine, so go for colorful monochrome or bright jumpsuits.

Not a huge fan of solid colors? Then look for retro jean-styled jumpsuits or floral patterns for an instant classic aesthetic. Or, try A-line-shaped jumpsuits or flair-bottomed ones.

But, in order to complete the jumpsuit outfit, you’ll need to wear dress shoes, boots, or low heels. And if you do want to go all-in, put on a choker, a statement handbag, some bracelets, and add a belt to your waistline. Now you are ready to go and steal the show.

10. Hoodies

Style Guide: 14 Femboy Outfit Ideas (11)

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You can use hoodies to create dozens of unique outfits, making them essential for any femboy out there. Due to their stylish yet laid-back appearance, hoodies can be paired with shorts, jeans, and even pantyhose. You can also match them with skirts to add a feminine touch to your overall style.

11. Pleated Skirts

Style Guide: 14 Femboy Outfit Ideas (12)

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When you think about underused clothing items, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For most people, the answer will be obvious — pleated skirts.

However, these versatile items can be used to make a classy statement by mixing them with all sorts of cute tops, including plain white shirts, crop tops, and hoodies. And with the right pair of boots or sneakers, you can come up with a variety of gorgeous femboy outfits.

12. Shorts

Style Guide: 14 Femboy Outfit Ideas (13)

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It’s a mystery why shorts are not considered a staple piece in every femboy’s closet, especially when they can be used in so many creative outfits. But what makes shorts so interesting is that they are available in a variety of interesting styles, including leather, skinny jeans, and free slack shorts.

When building an outfit involving shorts, make sure to match them with cropped hoodies, tank tops, or sweatshirts for a cute but stylish femboy appearance. And remember that a pair of chunky sneakers or high-knee boots are a must.

13. Cami Dresses

Style Guide: 14 Femboy Outfit Ideas (14)

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Summer is the perfect time to showcase your femininity by choosing a more revealing outfit. As a femboy, silk cami dresses can help you explore your feminine side and sensuality.

Not only do they glide all over your skin with every step you take, but the light material lets you show off your torso and arms in the most seductive way. In order to take full advantage of cami dresses, find one that color matches your skin tone perfectly.

14. Large Shopping Bags

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At first glance, building an outfit around large shopping bags might sound like a joke. However, besides shopping, these bags are also great for making stylish and chic fashion statements too. With tons of designer shopping bags to choose from, you can easily find one whose shape, color, and style match your vibes.

But what should you pair a shopping bag with? Any outfit! Yes, you’ve read that right; large shopping bags will work with most of your wardrobe, including dresses and jumpsuits. So get out there, grab yourself a shopping bag and achieve your femboy fantasy.

6 Femboy Dressing Tips

Style Guide: 14 Femboy Outfit Ideas (16)

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If you are new to femboy fashion, you’ll probably need all the help you can get to find your perfect style. Here are a couple of tips you can use when planning your future outfits:

1. Choose the Right Size for You

It’s important to find clothes that fit your body type, no matter what style you are going for. For instance, if you are curvy, you should avoid tight-fitting clothes, as they can make you feel self-conscious. Instead, go for loose pants and floral-patterned tees or dresses.

2. Get Some Inspiration

Even though each femboy has their own style, it never hurts to get some inspiration from your favorite celebrities. Take a look at the Academy Awards or similar ceremonies, and you’ll notice dozens of unique styles and outfits that you can try out.

Sure, you might not have access to the same designers as those celebrities, but you can find many cheaper and similar alternatives at your local stores.

3. Accessorize Your Outfit

From bracelets and necklaces to earrings and even piercings, accessorizing your outfit is vital for any femboy. Makeup like mascara, eyeliner, and light eyeshadow can also turn a simple outfit into a breath-taking statement. So don’t be afraid to experiment with accessories until you are able to perfectly balance your appearance.

4. Colors are Your Best Friend

As a member of the femboy community, color is one of your best armor. Dull, bright, mellow, bold, and cool colors can be used to your advantage, no matter the occasion. When deciding which outfit to wear, make sure to include as many colors as possible.

There’s no need to be shy; go for some orange, pink, royal purple, or even sunny yellow. Besides helping you feel good about yourself, colors will also help make you stand out in any crowd.

5. Wear a Binder

Wearing a binder is usually recommended for femboys who want to go braless. However, even if you typically wear bras, it’s useful to have one in case your top slips around too much. While it will take some practice, binders can serve as a precaution to keep your clothes secure.

6. Get a New Haircut

The right haircut can elevate your femboy look and make your outfit stand out even more. Instead of long locks, you might want a shorter hairstyle that’s been brushed forward. That will frame your face for a feminine and elegant look, which works well with both kawaii anime styles and casual outfits.

Remember that you’ll have to maintain your hair every week using a high-quality pair of scissors and some gel to keep it neat.

Style Guide: 14 Femboy Outfit Ideas (2024)


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  • flower Hat + Button-up Vest + Lace Blouse + Matching Corsage. ...
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Aug 3, 2022

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