The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (2024)

Finding custom content for The Sims 4 can be a challenge which is why we've done some of the hard work for you. Below are links to some amazing Maxis Match CC creators as well as some blogs that find and repost some of the best CC around.

While the more well-known creators have high profiles due to their incredible talent, there are also numerous unknown creators who are just as talented. Finding and following a range of creators and CC repost blogs means you can not only find some of the very best CC around but you can also discover some amazing hidden talents.

Here are just a few recommendations for some of the very best Maxis Match CC creators and curators for you to follow.

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Updated August 12th, 2021, by Anastasia Maillot: If one thing rings true about The Sims 4 community, it's the fact that custom content is infinite and constantly improving. As times and needs of Simmers change, talented people are always there to provide the best CC for The Sims 4.

Maxis Match is one of the two styles that remains popular due to how little it pressure it puts on most people's PCs. Plus, Sims just look more natural among townies, making it the go-to style for a lot of Simmers. Here's a few additional recommendations for great Maxis Match CC resources.


20/20 Ridgeport

The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (1)

Ridgeport is best-known for their famous Maxis Match T-shirt that became popular among Simmers a few years back. Since then, their collection has only expanded with stylish and unique pieces that are a bit more original. Their site is ideal for players looking for something fashionable that stands out.

There's also a nice variety of basics in Ridgeport's CC archives, which has all the fan-favorite CC from a few years back. The main focus is definitely CAS items like clothing, shoes and a few accessories and hair styles.

19/20 MMFinds

The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (2)

With Lana's CC blog gone, there's been a dent in the CC curator websites. Thankfully, sites like MMFinds have made it much easier for Simmers to find just what they need, as they aspire to create a real, categorized and easy to navigate resource site.

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Pretty much anything Maxis Match can be found here. There's a handy category selection page which allows you to choose what filter you'd like to browse, making it faster to find whatever items you're looking for.

18/20 Nolan Sims

The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (3)

Players looking for natural Maxis Match clothing that isn't too flashy and comes in earthy colors should navigate to Nolan Sims' blog. Their varieties of clothing and hair are so close to the original game that they may as well be a designer for The Sims 4.

The natural style makes Nolan Sims ideal for players who don't want to go for crazy, flashy looks and really appreciate the basics. There's even a few CC pieces of pets for those who really love .

17/20 AHarris00Britney

The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (4)

EA Game Changer and a long-time member of The Sims 4 community, AHarris00Britney's blog is a go-to site for a wide variety of CAS custom content in particular. Some of the best hair styles, clothes and accessories on the CC market come from their blog.

On top of clothing items and hairs, you can expect to find some high quality default replacements as well to spice up the default CAS looks in the game.

16/20 Greenllamas

The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (5)

The specialty of Greenllamas is above all hair styles, which are not only gorgeous but stay true to the original style of The Sims 4. Better yet, there's even some CC for male Sims, which can be challenging to come across otherwise.

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If you're looking for clothes, don't fret. Greenllamas has a few cool clothing collections each centered around a specific style or theme. There's one inspiration by the famous Bratz dolls and another that brings back the retro style of the Scream movie era.

15/20 CrazyCupcakes

The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (6)

CrazyCupcake's blog is another fantastic CAS resource, but if one thing should be highlighted, then it's definitely their makeup. Maxis Match makeup is difficult to nail and make into something nice, but CrazyCupcake's makeup is stylish and cute, without breaking the style of The Sims 4.

Additionally, their clothes are simple yet have a bright, cartoon-like appearance that makes them appealing, high quality and fashionable, while also being Maxis Match friendly. If you're looking for Maxis Match custom content clothing for The Sims 4 that's both simple yet can be used as statement pieces, look no further.

14/20 Katverse

The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (7)

Katverse's website is a huge directory of Maxis Match custom content with a focus on the often neglected areas including tattoos, makeup, and accessories. Everything is well-organized, frequently updated, and beautifully created.

There are even different sections with tutorials for CAS backgrounds, poses, reshade, and more. This site is packed full of informative and creative custom content and resources.

13/20 Urban Sims

The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (8)

YouTuber Urban Sims is known for her dramatic storylines and love of custom content. She uses her blog to keep track of things she finds. While it isn't the most organized list it is packed with content she has tested and loves.

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Her finds are often detailed in videos, with the links being added here so others can find her favorites. If you've ever watched Jenn's videos and wondered how to get hold of the CC in here game, this is the website you need.

12/20 SimPlistic

The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (9)

SimPlistic has moved their CC over to a new website and it looks amazing. The downloads are categorized and there is a huge range to choose from. The content covers build and buy as well as wallpaper, lots and CAS. It's a combination of brand new items and recolors that work well together and match with the game's basics.

The best thing about the blog is that it's completely ad-free, making browsing a much more pleasant experience.

11/20 MM Outfitters

The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (10)

The MM Outfitters blog is a combination of CC finds and original content and is well-organized and frequently updated, making it a valuable resource. You can navigate through CAS and build and buy items, all sorted into categories. The plain but well-organized menus make it easy to find exactly what you need.

The original items are also incredibly detailed and cover a range of content types. There are recolors and unique items across many different categories, offering a huge selection to choose from.

10/20 The Plumbob Tea Society

The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (11)

The Plumbob Tea Society is currently inactive but we highly recommend taking a look at their Tumblr blog. It contains a number of stunning CC Stuff Packs created by over 20 different talented CC makers.

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The packs include Rustic Romance Stuff, Teeny Tots Stuff, Stellar Stuff, and Cottage Garden Stuff as well as some smaller CC sets. While the blog itself is now inactive, it does contain links to the pages of all the talented contributors, opening up a wide range of high-quality CC for you to explore with ease.

9/20 Illogical Sims

The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (12)

Josh, also known as Illogical Sims is well known for producing frequent high-quality CC. He has produced full CC packs which include Minimalist Bedroom, Contemporary Living, Sleek Kitchen, Modern Living, and his most recent, SIMKea Furnishings. These are complemented by pieces that he produces to match and enhance DLC packs.

His latest effort at the time of writing was to separate, rotate and add functionality to many of the Snowy Escape furniture items. He also shows off his builds and CC over on his YouTube channel.

8/20 Standardheld

The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (13)

Standardheld is a CC creator who has produced a wide range of Maxis Match CC. Some of it is totally custom but many items are recolors or adjustments that help enhance items already in the game.

One of the other nice things about Standardheld's site is that there's a lot of variety. From entire fan-made Stuff Packs to simple CC that lets you change the headband colors on in-game hairs, this site has it all. There's even a section of resources to help out other budding CC creators.

7/20 Maxis Match CC World

The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (14)

The Maxis Match CC World blog is another combination of content and curation. There is a section full of some excellent Maxis Match CC as well as a huge amount of reblogs, all carefully curated. There are in-depth categories that split into sub-categories so you can find exactly what you want and all reblogged content is adfly free. Categories even include specific themes, rather than just items. This makes the site a well-maintained space to easily find quality content that will fit specific criteria.

For those who want to venture beyond CC, there's also a huge list of Simblr blogs, which is where creators post their Sims based stories alongside other TS4 related content.

6/20 Grimcookies

The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (15)

Grimcookies became more well known after his collaborations with other creators. He has worked with SavvySweet, Ridgeport, and most famously Australian YouTuber Deligracy. He even worked alongside Harrie (who is also on this list) to produce a CC collection in partnership with Gucci.

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His list of credentials is an indication of his skill and you'll find that his website hosts an ever-increasing collection of high-quality Maxis Match |(or very close) CC including some cute hairs and Witch CC items. While it isn't as easy to navigate as some, it is jam-packed with creations you'll want to immediately download.

5/20 Fantayzia Maxis Match

The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (16)

Fantayzia is one of many YouTubers who shares their Sims and CC finds on a Tumblr blog. She also makes her own CC and posts this as well. The combination means that her blog is like a treasure trove of content to uncover.

The blog stands out because it's well organized and easy to navigate. The menu system breaks down CC into categories and also adds in the extras such as her own CC, Current Household info, and even some lookbooks into the mix. You'll find a mix of creators, styles, and types of CC in this blog, along with Fantayzia's Current Household stories which are great to read.

4/20 Luumia Sims

The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (17)

Luumia's collection of CC isn't excessive in size but the reason it's included is because he covers tiny details that most other CC creators overlook. While you'll find some quite mainstream CC here, such as the Summer Stroll and Teen Style Stuff packs, there are also some unique items.

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For Simmers seeking realism but in a way that still matches the game, you can't beat his V5 Body Hair CC. This is complemented by his most recent creation, Vanilla, which adds new skin details to the in-game skins. These include age-specific detailing as well as some other NSFW options. Due to their close resemblance to what we already see, they straddle the line of Alpha and MM and create something that feels like Alpha yet still looks like MM the vast majority of the time. He also posts links to other CC creators producing similarly realistic and detailed CC.

3/20 Simsi45 - Mod The Sims

The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (18)

Simsi45 is a featured CC creator on ModThe Sims. While they don't appear to have a blog outside of their ModTheSims profile, they are a variety CC creator who proves that sites like ModTheSims house some incredible talent.

You'll find a mix of CC Stuff Packs, TS2 to TS4 conversions, unique items, complimentary creations to match in-game items, and separation of grouped items. There are also some low-level mods mainly adding extra slots to shelves. We also recommend searching the wider site or ModTheSims, since many incredible CC creators have profiles here, although they aren't all MM.

2/20 Maxis Match CC

The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (19)

Maxis Match CC is a blog of curated content that has been tested in-game. As with other blogs they've split posts up into categories, although they are fairly broad. Since each item has been tested it's a great way to ensure you download items that have already been filtered.

Curated blogs mean high quality, correctly functioning content as well as easy access to a wide range of creators and creations you may never have found on your own. This blog nicely combines posts from more well-known names alongside more obscure ones.

1/20 House Of Harlix

The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (20)

The House of Harlix website is where two talents come together. It hosts some amazing CC by Harrie and Felixandre as well as the collaborations the talented duo have created together.

If I say that my house has a Kichen, a Bafroom, a Jardane, and some Tiny Twavellers, you'll either think I should learn how to spell or that I've downloaded the comedically named Stuff Packs from this talented duo. If you've not seen them then take a look, right now. You'll also find details of both creator's individual works.

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The Sims 4: Best Maxis Match CC Creators And Curators (2024)
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